Super 8 Albuquerque Midtown
2500 University Blvd Ne
Albuquerque, NM 87107

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This is an update to my 7/13/2014 report. I thought I had no bites, but reacted to them 5 days later. Since I was at home, in the hotel one night, and back home, there is no other hotel possibility. I had over 60 bites over my back, shoulders, arms, & the back of my thighs, and therefore believe this hotel was very infested. My local pest expert told me that 5 days would be too soon to have that many bites even if I had brought some home. I was reacting to hotel bites and delayed reactions are c


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Third floor room. I checked the bed, as this is my usual habit. It looked fine, however, the next morning I found a bed bug under the pillow. Smashed it, & delivered it to the front desk to the manager, who reacted with concern. I can detect no bites from the one night, but have had to wash/dry/inspect everything that was in the room in the hope of not bringing any into my home.

May, 2012. Checked in early evening. Motel slightly run down, smelly, none too clean rooms, but we were tired and only staying one night. Bed linens were frayed, but appeared clean. The day after I got home, I found a large cluster of bed bug bites on my upper back, shoulder area.

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