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Woke up with 10-12 bites on my arms and chest in the typical pattern of bedbugs.

i stayed overnight on oct 17,2011 and checked out oct. 18th. my reaction to bedbug bites happend on wed. oct 19th. my right arm and right shoulder had numerous bites. i went to the hospital saturday oct. 22nd and was given a cream for teh itfhing. i went back today because i had another
episode last night oct. 24th while at work where
i had another spread of bumps on my left arm,shouder, and chest. the doctor today diagnosed me again with bedbug bites. i've lived in my apt for 7yrs nd have ne

ver had a problem with insects in my home. he asked if had recently traveled. i mentioned i had stayed at thi location a couple of days before myreaction started. he informed me reactions could take a few days to appear. he gave me a different cream to act as a repellent while i slept. i stripped all my bedding in my room as well as my childrens room, i inspected mattresses and of course didnt find anything. i washed all bedding. i also purchased a fog kit from walmart that helps get rid of bedbugs so after i had cleaned my apt i fogged my apt with the canisters as indicated on the bottles. i hope i caught this early enough to where i wont have to spend hundreds of dollars to protect myfamily. i am a single mom and cant imagine what i would have to do to get rid of any spores left in my home. i am still the only one in my household that has reacted to this incident and i hope i will be the only one .

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