Holiday Inn Express - Albuquerque (I-40 Eubank)
10330 Hotel Avenue Ne Albuquerque Nm 87123, United States
Albuquerque, NM

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On the night of March 21, 2015, I was severely bitten by bedbugs in Room 244 at the Holiday Inn Express, located at 10330 Hotel Avenue, N. E. , Albuquerque, NM 87122, front desk telephone 505-275-8900. The attached photo shows a few of these bites.

At 70+ years old, I had never before in my life been bitten by bedbugs until I stayed at this hotel on the night of March 21, 2015. I woke up in the middle of the night to find that I had been bitten all over – abdomen, back, arms, legs, and ne

ck. See attached photo.

At 6:00 o’clock in the morning of the 22nd I went to the desk and told the clerk on duty what had happened and showed her the bites on my abdomen (same as in photo). She said that she would inform the manager and the clerk that was coming on duty at 7:00 a.m. Shortly after 7:00 I went to the desk again and spoke with the clerk then on duty, and also showed her the same area of bites.

Both clerks had told me that I would not be charged for the room, but the clerk at 7:00 said that she had to charge me for the room and did not have authority to refund the amount. She said only the manager could (and would) do that.

I asked to see the manager. She said he wasn’t there. I asked her when he would be there. She said he doesn’t come in until after noon, after all the guests have checked out and left. This, of course, is a common ploy used by fly-by-night hotel operators to avoid having to rectify problems experienced overnight by guests.

They did give me the manager’s name and e-mail address, Sadru Jessa, [email protected], and I sent him an e-mail, along with the photo seen here. After avoiding me for four days he finally responded with a one-liner: “After an extensive investigation I have determined that your allegations are totally false and therefore no refunds are due.”

Investigation? What investigation? The manager didn’t talk to me. No one at all contacted me. Anyone conducting an investigation would have had many questions for me. Every indication is that they are intent on covering up the incident by calling me a liar, rather than correcting a serious public health problem.

I had stayed at this hotel numerous times over past years and experienced no problems, so I’m puzzled by the sudden turnabout in the way they are treating a guest, and their apparent fixation on covering up the incident rather than correcting the problem.

I’ve reported the incident to the appropriate public health officials in Albuquerque, who will be conducting an inspection of the infested room and adjacent areas.

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