Crossland Economy Studios Albuquerque - Northeast
5020 Ellison St Ne
Albuquerque, NM 87109-4325

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My husband and I checked in on 09/19/14 to room 309. After checking in, I checked the bed and count nothing. We went for some dinner and then took a shower, then retreated to the bed for sleep. I decided to watch some Netflix on my iPad. I noticed a small bug and though there was no way it was a bedbug, it was very small. I killed it and continued watching then another one came along with a blood in the body and I knew they were bed bugs. After further investigation of the bed we found a few mo

re BIG ONES. We called the front desk to just check out but we ended up going through has the and decided to move rooms. We have found nothing. But the manager ALREADY KNEW there was bed bugs here. Do not stay here.

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