Best Western Rio Grande Inn
1015 Rio Grande Blvd Nw
Albuquerque, NM 87104-2031

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The PLUS stands for BED BUGS.... STILL!!! Stayed in Room 431 on August 16, 2011. We didn't notice them when we went to bed but woke up with them everywhere. WE heard lots of excuses but they knew they had them and still rented the rooms. We received a free night BUT spend the next vacation day trying to make sure we did not take any with us. What a pain. We never got to see Sante Fe or Albuquerque. No amount of showering yourself or cleaning you clothes and luggage can eliminate the thought that

one could have come home with you.

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Had actually stayed here a few days prior to this visit without incident. However, on this morning as I was laying in bed a little tick looking bug walked across my sheet. I was alarmed by the bug, my husband caught it and disposed of it. I didn't think anything further until I saw a couple of blood spots on the sheets. Upon checking out I alerted the counter person, she was gracious but didn't comment. When returning to my home after flight I went into "search" mode on the inte

rnet and I am convinced it was a bed bug. I also went into maniac mode trying to prevent any "hitchhikers" from taking residence in our home. I isopropyl alcohol'ed everything, heat treated either in the washer & dryer or steam cleaner (which I went out and bought) and bought matress and pillow coverings for all beds and pillows in the house. I was itchy on the face, shoulders, and lower legs for several days but it appears that is all. I did complete an online survey and was contacted today by a hotel staff. She indicated that their pest control person looked and didn't find anything. I'm not going to say she is wrong, I'm just relating my story. I will definitely be taking precautions for future hotel visits no matter where I go!!

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BEDBUGS!!!!! Hey "Anonymous" I was there days before you and my family and I were covered in bed bugs. I noticed it a little after midnight but didn't know what they were at the time and was moved to another room. At that time the front desk told me that they would let me know in the morning, they didn't. I called and they told me that they would know that afternoon, again nothing. Thy were crawling on the walls outside in the hallway of our original room. I looked them up and identified them, I

had to tell them. The next day the manager told me they would replace our luggage and detail our cars and clean everything to make sure there were no eggs or live ones that could be taken home with us. We were also given four free nights at the hotel and some zoo tickets. Our roller bags were replaced with Wal-Mart backpacks, the outside of my car was clean (the outside was not my concern) nothing done on the inside. Th fact that they half-assed replaced my stuff and didn't attend to the "bug issue" until two days later tells me that they did not respond properly to the infestation. This could have been prevented form happening to you ANONYMOUS!!! had the hotel done things right.

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As the manager of this hotel, I would like to say that we did have an incident with bedbugs. I apologize we had guests who came to our hotel and were bit. The guest who wrote this comment was well cared for by our staff. They continued their vacation with us in another room and have plans to return in the future. We considered their report of bedbugs as a very serious problem, and took all appropriate follow-up action as well as allowing for generous compensation to the guest and their family.

Our staff is well trained and we have an on-going pest control program. Hopefully, everyone understands that bedbugs are not a result of poor cleanliness, bedbugs are brought into hotels. Our staff remedied a serious problem and attempted to convert a bad experience into a good one for our guests. Because of this experience we are even more vigilant and we are determined that this will not happen again at our hotel.

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Bedbug infestation. I stayed in the hotel for 3 nights. When I returned home, I had more than 200 bed bug bites. I alerted the hotel, and they reported that they would "spray the room", and that this was not the first time they had heard about the problem. "Spraying" is not adequate treatment for the elimination of bedbugs.

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