Days Inn Alamogordo
907 S White Sands Blvd
Alamogordo, NM 88310-7249

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Stayed here just one night on April 2, 2014. Was lounging on the bed in room 105 watching TV when I felt something crawling on me, squished it and noticed it left a blood spot. Then I realized that the pillows I was leaning against were SWARMING with bed bugs! They were mostly on the small side, but there were a lot of them. I called the manager, who was very concerned and promptly moved me to a new room. There was no sign of bed bugs in the new room so I slept there that night. I woke up

with a bunch of itchy bites, but based on where they were on my body vs. the clothes I was wearing at different times, they could have all come from the first room. Anyway, the manager was very apologetic, said they had never had bed bug problems before, immediately began treating the bed linens from the first room, and gave me suggestions on how to kill bed bugs. But I would still be very hesitant to return.

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