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Checked in on Sunday, 9/29/13 and did my normal check for bedbugs in my room since I have dealt with this situation 3 years prior (Put my suitcase and belongings in bathtub to do a thorough inspection). Checked mattresses, headboards, dressers, draws and a few other places but not as thorough as I usually do as this room appeared to look very tidy!

These nasty bugs can also hide in baseboards, dresser handles (where the screws are), electrical sockets, seam folds of couches, remote contro

ls and chairs and even behind picture frames or mirrors on walls! They can live up to 18 months without feeding on a host "you", and an adult female can lay 4-5 eggs per day (almost 500 eggs in a 2-3 month time frame).

My stay was for one week due to a company event. Wednesday morning, 10/1/13, I was getting dressed to go my meeting and I saw a small bug crawling on my pants!! I immediately flicked it off my pants, but then thought "oh my goodness!!! What if that was a bed bug?!" I searched for it on the ground and found it! I picked it up and it truly resembled a bed bug! I contained it in a wash cloth while I looked up pictures online and it definitely looked like a bed bug!

I was in shock! All I could think of was everything my family and I had to go through 3 years prior to get these nasty bugs out if my home!! ($5000 (because I originally tried just spraying my home and didn't work!) to tent my home because the only two ways to guarantee to get rid of them was tenting or complete air heat circulation of 115 degrees throughout my home.

I called the front desk and they immediately came to my room (hotel front desk manager and one of their engineers). As soon as they both saw the bug, they both said "oh that's just a beetle"! More shock came over me! I said "no, I looked at a picture online and I've dealt with this in the past, this is a bed bug." The manager and engineer continued to insist that it was a beetle and that bed bugs only come out at night! Wrong!!!! They "prefer" to come out at night but they will come out anytime when they are looking for a host! At this point I just remained calm and started to question myself. The manager then said " if it makes you feel better, I can move you to another room..." Huh! All I was thinking at the moment was " are you a professional or your engineer in this industry that you can immediately rule out that this was not a bed bug?!!" What I was expecting was," ms, since none of us are professionals in this area, I will have you moved into another room and close down this room until it's inspected." Of course after I blew up the situation involving the hotel GM and my companies logistics department, they all of a sudden have a protocol to follow which the front office manager failed to follow from the beginning of the incident!

Long story, but I will get to the point! This hotel is currently under renovation, lobby, restaurant etc! They are doing a nice job! You can tell this is an older building and they are sprucing it up. They continued to follow up with me throughout my stay, (moved me to another room, had this room inspected by a professional, offered to put my clothes in dryer etc., which btw kills bugs or eggs if you suspect contamination FYI!). They did a nice job with follow up! Did they ever admit that it was a bed bug, not directly, but indirectly! ( "the inspector said the bug was probably already sprayed with chemicals as it appeared to move slowly" stated the GM). EDUCATE YOURSELVES! These things for some reason can come in contact with insecticide and they DONT DIE! Something with their DNA, outer shell protecting them and the eggs are even harder to kill!!! These hotel people are clueless! I almost felt like they literally went online after I blew this up to read a little about bed bugs (especially the front office manager sharing with me how she's so paranoid about bed bugs and doesn't allow her kids to go to movie theaters.... Hmm she didn't seem so paranoid when she was in front of the bug the previous morning!). And yes, they are also in movie theaters as these "traveler" bugs like move around from peoples clothes to a new host! Ewwwww!!

The reason why I even took the time to post this is because AMERICA needs to educate themselves on this bed bug epidemic we have! Over 60% of American households have bed bugs and they don't even know it! Unfortunately, the ignorance of hotel staff is not their fault! These huge hotel chains should take the time to train and educate their staff extensively! They probably go through some kind of training but not thorough enough for people to understand the severity of this problem! 1 bug can create a massive problem!

So, case in point, maybe the reason they are renovating is because they have had bed bug infestations in the past... After looking at some reviews online, there were some reports 1-2 years ago. At the end if the day, it's truly hard for hotels to stay on top of these situations, however, if you follow protocol from ANY possible reporting of a bed bug, you may have a chance to control and isolate a situation. In my experience, the front office manager did not follow protocol immediately. She began to take things seriously the minute I requested to speak to the GM! All I kept thinking about was everything my family and I went through emotionally and financially! I did my best to inform everyone about the situation, including my company, so that I could possibly help another person from becoming a victim of this situation!

Good luck and keep your eyes open ANYWHERE you stay!

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