Oceanic Motel
4600 Ocean Ave
Wildwood, NJ

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My father stayed at this hotel the first week of June 2015 for the American Legion convention. When he returned home, he unknowingly brought some back with him. He never mentioned to anyone that he was feasted upon by these nasty things while he was down there and what's more shocking is he didn't even complain to management, but I guess that is another issue. It was not until the rest of the family started to notice strange bumps on their extremities and weird looking bugs did they realize

the house was infested with them a few weeks later. I am not going to go into the psychological toll placed upon my family because of this or how emotionally draining it is to deal with this daily. It has been a nightmare trying to get rid of these things and the cost of an exterminator... not cheap. Be forewarned, do not stay at this place.

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We stayed in the cottages and work up to bed bugs in the mattress .. Infested blood and there off spring every where... They had just exterminated Two days before for this reason but never let us know now they moved us and all our clothes are in the dryer .. So we have nothing to wear ... The fucking bates motel ... Crumb bum place and the manager bob don't care he just eats cheeseburgers all day .. Keep stuffing your face and one day you will eat a bed bug in your burger you crumb

Am here now infested ..... Wow never seen nothing like it. Nothing done about it just move to the next

Am here now infested ..... Wow never seen nothing like it. Nothing done about it just move to the next

Stayed at this hotel memorial day weekend 2012 with two other couples and realized on Sunday that the hotel had bedbugs. My husband and I wound up leaving early while the other two couples stayed and they all got bitten up pretty bad. The hotel management didn't care at all about the bed bug problem - pushed it off as if it was nothing). Their were bedbugs on the pull out sofa as well as the two double beds in the room. Aside from the bedbugs, we had an awful experience at the hotel in general.

The air conditioner in built into the wall in the bedroom right above the bed and the air conditioner leaked water all over me, my pillow and the upper part of the bed while I was sleeping, and the next day (morning - 9am-ish) the toilet broke (was even told it had nothing to do with us - just a natural issue) and the whole bathroom flooded and soaked the whole floor even out to the living room, (we had to then use the bathroom by the pool while our toilet was worked broke - which that bathroom is absolutely disgusting). It took over an hour to get someone to even come look at the toilet, then he had to wait for the manager so they could go and buy a part for the toilet, which took 2 hours, and then he worked on the toilet after getting the part for about another 2 hours. So, We had no toilet for a larger portion of the day, and the hotel had no vacancy left due to it being memorial day weekend. It was a weekend I wish I could take back. The worst part was for sure the bedbugs because we got rid of a lot of our things thinking we brought them home to our house, and the treatment chemicals for the house was very expensive. The most aggravating part is that the hotel management did not even care.

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I stayed here from 8/17/12-8/19/12. Well the day I was leaving I was sitting on the bed playing a game on my IPad when a bedbug was crawling up my leg, I plucked it on the floor, it Neva dawned on me what it was at the time until I got home that week was getting eaten alive by something I didn't know what it was. No sign of mosquito's but had all the bug bits all over. I called my apt complex explained to them they sent someone out to inspect, they say it may be fleas cause I have a dog. They di

d not check my bed thoroughly just around edges. So I bombed for fleas.. Mind you I was still getting bit couldn't understand after bombing. Got my dog flea meds. So on 10/2/12 was sleep about 5am felt something crawling on me smacked it but grab it at the same time put it on a plastic plate and there it was a bedbug. So I was everything in hot water n dried it call the apt office again to let them know someone came out again, this time they lift my mattress up n found some bed bug casing. I went to Walmart got bed bug protectors for my mattress, box spring and pillows cost me a $125.00 the box spring protectors was too small so i went to BBB to get some and they were to small. I had to go online and order them, which cost me another $75.00!!! in the meantime i put protector on mattress I went to sleep that night again something bit me again, got up to look n it was crawling on my pillow, got out that bed and been sleeping in my living room ever since. Still waiting on exterminator. This is to time consuming and very costly!!!! I have to take all my clothes out the closet n wash n dry them, all my shoes I have to wash them, waste a was under my bed I have to bag them up, I have to clear out all my drawers on my bedroom set n wash n dry them. Clear all papers out my nightstand. Wash all my comforters n dry them. Move furniture from wall vacuum everything. This is a lot for a little bug like that. Ppl outta b a shame of themselves spreading this Shit!!!! I feel very itching and on edge because of this bug, I want to move I don't even want to live here anymore. It is now 10/13/12 and I m still dealing with this situation!!!! Tired n disgusted sleepless nights!!!!

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To feelingitchy: Hopefully this will never happen again, but if another hotel staff member should tell you it's a tick, tell him/her to count the legs. Ticks are part of the arachnid (spider) family and have 8 legs. Bed bugs are insects and have 6 legs. Ticks don't have antennae, bed bugs do. Easy to tell the difference. Also, ticks will generally stay attached to your body for a couple of days, whereas bed bugs won't. Bed bugs feed in several areas at night. Hence, the 3 classic linear

red dots as a result.

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I have stayed here for over 15 years as part of the American Legion. It has always been our favorite yearly reunion spot and frankly I think these story's of bedbugs are just jeolous competition. Ive read many of these and they are just silly.

ok so if you didnt have bedbugs why did you sanitize? I have the pictures of that nasty pull out couch with all the stains from the bedbugs. Plus remember there was sheddings that we found. I have pictures of those as well. Plus we gave you the LIVE one we found crawling across a bra. Nobody should ever stay at your Bug house. Not only did you treat us rudely but you are still lying about it. Great customer service.

All rooms have been examined by a licensed exterminator, sanitized and certified bug free.
September 2010. No bedbugs were found.

I stayed at the Oceanic Hotel 8-22-10 thru 8-28-10. We got eaten alive!! Then the staff had the nerve to try and tell someone from Pennsylvania that they were TICKS!!!!!!! We know what ticks are and ticks dont gush blood when squeezed. We found bed bugs and the staff didnt tell us how to deal with them, they simply wanted 6 ppl to stay in a room with two twin beds. We had to research on the internet what to do to avoid bringing them with us!! Then they wont even give us a full refund after all t

hat happened. Before we left we found that they were using OTC product to "kill" them, well no wonder they have such a problem they are just pushing bugs rooms that they dont spray!!!!

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my friends husband was sleeping on the couch in the hotel room and woke up saying he thinks the hotel has bed bugs because he has bites all over him. We didnt believe him at first. Then I went to change out of my bathing suit that night and found an actual bed bug crawling around my bra! *We also had a 2 1/2 year old with us who'd leg swelled up to the size of a golf ball because of a bite.)I have never been more disgusted in my life! We killed the bug and brought it to the front desk. The guy a

t the front desk then proceeded to tell us that WE brought the bed bugs with us!!! He then came back to our room with us and checked it out. He opened up the hid-abed and long and behold....there was a bed bug scurrying about! and the mattress had holes all over it and what looked like brown bed bug fecal. The hotel was booked for the weekend so the manager put us (6) people in a room with 2 twin beds. hardly the accommodations we were entitled to.I was going to stay till Monday but after that experience, We packed all our belongings into black garbage bags, headed to a laundry mat and just went home.

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