Knolls Resort
4111 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4732

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My sister stayed at this motel on June 29, 2009, and when she woke the next morning, she was covered with welts from bedbugs. She had planned to stay at the motel for three nights, but given her condition, she left that morning. Unfortunately, she did not realize that bedbugs crawl into luggage, and she transported them back to her apartment outside Philadelphia! She has had to see a doctor due to the itch and discomfort of the bites and has to bring in an exterminator this week at a considerabl

e cost to rid the apartment of the bedbugs! In addition, she has had to wash, dry, and bag all her clothes and linens and put the rest of her belongings in plastic containers! The time and money spent on this has been tremendous. The worst part is that the motel staff was completely unmoved by her plight when she alerted them about the bedbugs!

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