Esplanade Suites
230 E Taylor Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4535

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Bed bugs! Dirty room. Our room was through Tan organization, so our room was never cleaned.

We did not stay because the room was very small and was not like the pics shown on the internet.

We left early when we discovered blood stains on our blood sheets.

After being home for 3 days, I began to get raised bumps all over my hands, arms, lower back and feet. The worst is that my 3 year old son broke out a couple days after me. My son and I shared a bed at this place.

We called an exter

minator and took my son to the doctors. We had bed bug bites. The exterminator as well as the doctor stated it can take a few days for bites to appear.

Do not stay at this place.

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My husband and our 2 children stayed at the Esplanade on August 19th, 2012. We were supposed to stay for 5 days but ended up leaving early when we discovered blood stains on the bed sheets.

When we got home, my husband began to get bumps/bites (5 days later) on his hands, feet and back. The other, my son began to break out with bites as well. (on his neck hands and lower back.)

When I checked the internet, they both had the common bites of breakfast lunch and dinner bites (in a pattern o

r row) like bug bites give.

We had to call an exterminator to make sure we did not bring them home with us. He stated that they are bed bug bites. I also took my son to his pediatrician. He has to take an anti itch cream along with Benadryl. He is 3 years old, so trying to prevent him from scratching is challenging.

If you read other reviews, someone else stated they had bed bugs but the owner denied it with her reply.

Bed bug bites can take up to 9 days for bites to appear on your body!

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