Sheraton Suites on the Hudson
500 Harbor Blvd
Weehawken, NJ

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Stayed at this hotel on Sun-Wed,Aug 2-4. Am a Lifetime Platinum and stayed in this hotel many times, but for the first time was put on a regular floor in the South Tower Building instead of the West Tower Building Club Floor due to availability of rooms. Was bitten extensively on Sunday evening. Was transferred to other tower on Monday. Did everything I knew to do to try and safeguard carrying bugs to new room. Have thrown away undergarments. Am currently at Sheraton Tarrytown, with no new

affectation. However, understand issue of bedbugs hiding in crevices and dark places w/ ability to live for up to 400 days w/o fresh food. Not a pleasant experience!

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Stayed at this hotel during Hurricane Sandy on business, received several bedbug bites.

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