Village Motel Wall
2035 State Route 35
Wall Township, NJ

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When we arrived at this hotel this 4th of July week, the room was disgusting! All of the mattresses were ripped and gross.The bathroom had some brown drippings on the wall, dust and the smell of mold and smoke! We were concerned about bed bugs. When we went to management he said that maybe the housekeeper didnt do their job so he placed us in another room. He said the room had just been redone and had new mattresses.The room did have new mattresses and was freshly painted, but big deal! The rugs

were filthy, and the lamp shade was so dusty! it did have a new fridge and microwave.Something told us to try and get our money back and leave but we didnt. When we woke up in the morning my sister had been bit by bed bugs all over her body, it was horrible. She had bites everywhere.She eneded up getting an infection from it, and a fever. She had to go to the doctor and go on antibiotics. I do not suggest anyone stay at this hotel. THEY HAVE BED BUGS, THEY WILL BITE YOU, AND YOU MAY END UP TAKING THEM HOME!. It is not worth it!

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We just got back home from this hotel. We didn't even stay the night. By 12pm I was getting large red itchy welts on various parts of my body - after which my husband noticed the bugs. He said he had flicked one off the bed earlier and didn't think much of it. When I started itching and he noticed two more, we sprang out of bed, packed our stuff, and went to management. After some protest we managed to get our money back and left.

Now at home we looked up bed bugs on the internet and s

ure enough the bugs and bites look exactly the same. I hope we didnt carry any home.

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