Howard Johnson
Route 37 E & Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ 08753

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I stayed at the Howard Johnson in Toms River June 29th and 30th. After entering my room and noticing a "smell" I asked the front desk clerk, a gentleman with glasses, if he had any other rooms due to the smell. I was told no since they were "sold out"...OK I figured we can deal with a smell. After the first night I noticed my daughter had a bite mark on her check but figured it was because we were out all day at the beach etc, the next evening we stayed the smell was still there. It was like a s

tale smell so I started looking to see if the room had any evidence of actually being cleaned that day. I didn't leave the towels on the floor so I found I received the same towels that I used in the morning but more importantly when I pulled back the sheets I noticed little bugs crawling where the mattress side met the mattress top by a seam. I googled it on my iphone and came up with bed bugs. We left and didn't even bother checking out, I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. They charged me anyway. The place was a disaster and I wouldn't reccommmend it to anyone. The "manager", a man named Jawad was of no help-he got his money and didn't care. Be careful and avoid this have been warned

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I checked in today, 9-13-2011, and the first room (208)had not been cleaned from the previous guest, The second room (206) same condition. Third room (200) had been "cleaned" so the first thing I do when checking into a hotel room is pull back the sheets and mattress pad to look for bed bugs. There they were.... yuck! I scooped one up, took it down to the front desk and showed the manager and the desk clerk. I asked them to cancel my room and went to the Ramada 5 miles away. Thankfully, clean be

autiful and no bed bugs!

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In response to the anonoymous "allegation" submitted 7/9/2010, it should be known that Howard Johnson Hotel investigated this bed beg claim by contacting the local exterminating company, Toms River's Pest Man.

After a complete inspection of the guest room, bed, boxspring, furniture, bed sheets, and carpet,
he found no positive sign of bed bugs or any other pests.

The Hotel was then given a detailer report indicating "NO EXISTENCE" of bed bugs or any other pests.

This report can be veri

fied by contacting the Pest Man at (732) 681-8407 and referencing work order 310973 performed by John Kerencew on August 6th.

The Howard Johnson
Management Team

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We stayed at this Howard Johnson Hotel July 5, 2010 and July 6, 2010, we stayed in room 208A, and woke up the first day with itching on my legs looking like mosquito bites, thought nothing of it maybe a mosiquito was in the room? The next night I was cautious and wore sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt, and socks, and I was bite up again in the morning, on my fingers, and ankles and hands. My family and I came home and I looked up bed bugs and this is exactly what it was. I have pictures to pr


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