Meadowlands Plaza Hotel
40 Wood Ave
Secaucus, NJ
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Stayed 3 nights and hotel was great, very clean & nice...NO bugs found in any of our beds.

I am retracting my comment about this hotel. I have contacted the curator of this website three times to have my comment removed. They have not yet responded nor reacted.

I just stayed at the Meadowlands Plaza for 5 days and found it clean, confortable and very reasonable. Absolutely no bedbugs and I also noticed that they did have the Bed Bug covers on the mattress.

From the Management of the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel:

We are truly sorry for these guests' situation, but we are confident that the bugs were not acquired at this hotel. No bed bugs have been found in any of our overnight rooms.

Due to the bed bug infestation in New York City hotels and our proximity to them, our hotel has several preventive measures in place. These include the following…
• Bed bug bags on all mattresses, which do not allow for infestations.
• Staff members have bee

n trained to do daily routine checks of each room.
• Rooms are treated every 3 months for bed bugs as a precaution.

Please keep in mind that it is feasible that bed bugs may be obtained from luggage in luggage compartments such as on a plane, train or bus.

I can assure you that we take this matter very seriously. We at the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our hotel and safety of our guests.

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Stayed three nights July 9-12 2011. Found Bedbugs in our bed about a week after staying there and they would not admit that they could even possibly have bedbugs much less refund my room expense or pay for the extermination. I am filing a lawsuit against them now. Stay Away.

I just stayed here for 3 nights and had no problem with bed bugs.

We stayed there for 3 nights over Labor Day weekend and woke up with a few bites on our hands and legs. They were definitely bed bug bites.

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