Ramada Inn Rochelle Park
375 W Passaic St
Rochelle Park, NJ

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We stayed in two rooms. 3 adults with 5 children on October 8th to the 12th, 2010. I searched the room for signs of bed bugs I even pulled back the carpet base board but found nothing to indicate that there was a problem!

On the second morning I found two bugs, one on the floor and one on the bed in only one of the rooms. I am 100% positive that these were bed bugs. The hotel staff did not seems to care, they changed our room and that was all. I checked the next room up and down and foun

d nothing, did not see another bug. I coud not sleep after this up all night checking under the pillows and the kids.

I was careful not to leave our belongings on the beds or the floors. When we arrived home we did not take anything into the house. Changed all of our clothes and put them in the washing machine immediately. Nothing came into my house without it being vauummed and or washed and dried on high heat. Even vaccumed the van after getting home.

I am paranoid of getting the bugs in my house, I went through so much work when getting home to try and prevent this.

DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had known to check this website before booking a room! They obviously still have a problem.

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The problem has not been corrected since it was reported in 2008.

I stayed at this hotel in June 2009 and was covered with bed bug bites (they come in 3s). I stayed on the 2nd floor.

I thought they were flea bites and did some research when I returned home. They were definitely bed bug bites.

The worst part was that when I returned home, while "sunning" my luggage, I found one (a bed bug) trying to escape from my luggage (which I foolishly had open on the bed).

I will never use thi

s hotel again.

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Ramada Inn Rochelle Park 375 W Passaic St, Rochelle Park, NJ, Room 351 two queen beds, Oct 1-6, 2008, a business stay.
Our work has us travelling all over the country, and we are well versed at "checking" for the tale tell signs of bed bug infestation, which I thought I had. Confident we were safe, thus began our stay at this hotel.
We checked in on a Wednesday afternoon. Friday morning I found what I thought was a mosquito bite on my left forearm above my elbow. Saturday my inner le

ft forearm was itchy, but because we are always busy (most times working 7 days a week) I tried not to let it distract me. That evening I found two more bites at the itchy spot. I should have known right then, and suppose my mind wanted to believe they were mosquito bites, so I applied an afterbite mosquito lotion. Sunday morning when these had not responded to the lotion I began to worry, but thinking I must be overreacting (the hotel room "looked" clean) and busy as usual, I tried to ignore the itching. Sunday night more itching, two bites on my left leg, one near the ankle and one below my knee. I say to myself, "well, they aren't in a line pattern," exhausted and trying not to face the obvious. Ironically, Monday morning three more bites in a line on my face!!! A total of 8 welts, all on the left side of my body in the manner I typically sleep. Now there is no denying these are bed bug bites.
Then it occurs to my husband his inner thigh had been itchy, but had passed it off, also, having work on his mind. Fortunately he had only two bites; I'm the prize winner with welts on my face.
Straight down to the front desk I go. You've asked me to be civil here and I feel that I am, stating the facts in detail. Just for the record I was civil (albeit direct) at the front desk, also. Of course, they feigned ignorance to what I showed them on my skin and at first refused to let me check out (we had reserved the room for a total of 7 nights), until I threatened to get a doctor's confirmation at their expense.
I am that confident. It is that obvious.
At that point, they checked us out immediately (then it was "Yes, ma'am") as other potential guests looked on in horror at the obvious red swollen welts I display. To add insult to injury, in the middle of our conversation, the man who finally checked us out of the hotel had the nerve to answer his cell phone while questioning what was obvious to even the most novice of travelers. My next email is to their corporate offices.
Buyer Beware, looks are deceiving!!!!!!!! I think the "canine detection" idea is excellent and should be a mandatory monthly event for hotels/motels to keep license/permit, no matter the area.
You ask how can I be sure they are bed bug bites? Because, I've had them before.
Can I prove this particular incident? Yes. After these red swollen welts become little hard knots under my skin, a doctor will be able to see the evidence for weeks to come.
Lastly, Victims Beware! Try not to scratch! Breaking the skin on the bites causes increased inflammation and bigger welts that take longer to go away!! You have no idea how hard it is to keep my hands from my face right now!

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