Sheraton Parsippany Hotel
199 Smith Rd
Parsippany, NJ

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Stayed in a SPG member room in December, for 3 nights; the first night I had symmetrical bug bites on each of my arms, but it wasn't until I woke up the third night that I got worried as I was covered in bites. I proceeded to tear up the bedding and found a live bug. I accidentally killed it trying to capture it alive and blood got on the sheets. At that point, I called the front desk and engineering came up to tell me that they would need to get a 3rd party to validate. The exterminator who ca

me, validated as they also saw a live bed bug.

Beware of trying to get any of the items replaced that they send out to their cleaner as their insurer is a nightmare to deal with, as is the staff here as it is going on close to a month and a half with no resolution.

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My husband and I stayed here on the night of our wedding on Saturday, June 18th 2011. I woke up around 7am to get some water and use the bathroom and not to long after I laid back down I felt something on my arm. I flipped the blanket off and there it was, a bed bug! I immediately grabbed a tissue to try to kill it but it just wouldn't die. I finally killed it after bashing it wiht my cell phone while it was in the tissue! Then I woke up my husband and said we have to get out of here. We saved i

t in the tissue and we brought it to the front desk. The manager on duty said that he didn't think it was a bedbug but he would send it to the lab to be sent out to verfiy what it was. He asked us to have all of our belongings dry cleaned "just in case" and for us to submit the receipts for a refund. He also gave us plastic bags to put all of our belongings in and told us to throw our luggage away or have it cleaned as well. I am scared to stay at any hotel now!

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