Holiday Inn Parisippany
707 Us Highway 46
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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This hotel is infested. I noticed bites starting
to appear on myself after the first night. By the
last morning I had one dozen bites and even found
a very large bedbug on the bed crawling away from
me. It was very small, about 1/4 size of a flea but when I pinched it between my fingers to try
and carry it over to the desk, it got smashed between my fingers and was just a little red blood
dot. My blood I presume.
I stayed here over a year ago for a week with no
problem so t

his must be a fairly new development for this hotel but I will definitely tell you, DO NOT STAY HERE.
I am allergic to bedbugs so my bites get swollen.
I am 100% positive that what was bitting me were Bedbugs.

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