Embassy Suites Hotel Parsippany
909 Parsippany Blvd
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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I stayed at Embassy Suites Parsippany hotel for the weekend of June 29-30, 2013. I stayed there with my wife and 4 small children for a weekend vacation. On the second night of our stay, at 3:30 in middle of the night I found a bedbug crawling on the sheet in my bed. After killing the bug I saved it in a ziploc bag. In the morning I found many bites on my body.

In the morning I immediately called my exterminator and he advised me what to do so that I don't bring bedbugs into my home. He told

me to discard many items, and take all clothes which were in the room to the dry cleaners or launder them and dry them. He told me that he would treat whatever cannot be washed or dry cleaned such as the children's car seats, crib, strollers etc.

I then immediately went to check out. I showed the bedbug to the desk manager. She gaped in horror about the fact that I found a bedbug in the suite, and told me to call on Monday and speak to the hotel manager. She would inform him of the situation. She insisted that I must leave the bug with her to show the management, and I was left with only a camera picture of it. There were many people checking out at the same time who witnessed that I did indeed find a bedbug.

I spoke to the hotel manager Chris, then to the maintenance manager Pedro. I was advised that they are calling a 3rd party to inspect the room and would let me know of the findings. I was advised that the hotel will take this seriously and I can expect reimbursement for all my expenses.

On 7/10 I received a call from Chris informing me that the hotel will deny my claim for reimbursement of expenses. This is notwithstanding that I left a bedbug at the hotel.

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