Days Inn Parsippany
3159 Us Highway 46
Parsippany, NJ 07054

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i awoke at 1:45 a.m. on friday, december 9, 2011, to find two bedbugs, which were full of MY blood. i went to the front desk and reported to the deskman that i had bedbugs. i gave him my room number and he wrote it down. what was truly shocking was that he did not seem surprised. he said only that bedbugs affect all hotels, which is true, but made no effort to help. i was in such shock that i just paid the bill and left. after having thought about the situation, i will write a letter and as

k for my money back. the precautions that we've had to take before even going into my own house have been onerous. it is not fun to change your clothes on the front porch and put your luggage in sealed plastic bags. [heat in oven at 140 degrees for two hours. bedbugs and eggs will all die.]

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