Comfort Suites North Bergen
1200 Tonnelle Ave
North Bergen, NJ 07047

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Nov 19, 2015, room 500. I searched before making my hotel reservations to make sure the hotel would be free of bedbugs. Even checked the bedding. It didn't do me any good. Woke up next morning with itchy spot on my arm, but figured it was just a mosquito bite. Later that day, more itchy spots on my arm above the first bite. Red circular spots from my wrist to upper arm. Looked up on the internet, and these are definitely bed bug bites. I sure hope that none fly home with me.

We stayed 6 nights in this hotel July 8-13, 2014 and loved staying there (originally booked 3 nights but extended our stay since we liked the accommodations). The room was clean, the staff friendly and the atmosphere was inviting. We stayed at no other hotels during our trip. About a week after we returned home to the northwest suburban Chicago area, I experienced what I thought were 'hives' (although I never had them before, they itched terribly, were on both arms and because my husband didn'

t have any 'issues' I thought hives were the closest match). I started waking at night with unbearable itching... again, researching hives and completely missing the obvious. I started sleeping on the couch in the living room. Finally, a concerned friend raised the issue of bedbugs... and to my horror, the research appeared to support this possibility since it said not everyone has a reaction to the bites (my husband). I examined our mattress & found some questionable signs... ultimately it lead to an inspection with bed bug dogs which found them in our bedroom. I have absolutely NO DOUBT bed bugs were brought into our home from this hotel. After all my research, I found we broke a cardinal rule by bringing our own pillows to the hotel- which of course came back home & onto our bed. Also, we did not check the hotel room for bedbugs before we stayed the 6 days. Our lives have been turned upside with these bugs and the effort to have them professionally removed - which is very costly and very time consuming. The psychological effects are even worse.

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My family booked a reservation with Comfort Suites on November 16th and stayed one night. My oldest daughter slept on the pull out sofa bed, we had the 2 queen beds. We woke up the next morning and my daughter got out of the shower and noticed bite/rash mark around her ankles. We didn't see evidence of bed bugs on the pull out sofa but once we googled what signs of evidence they leave behind, it was evident to us that we had a problem and now coming home to being forced into throwing everythi

ng in the wash and dryer and keeping out luggage outside. It was a disappointment and not the way I wanted to end our trip that we took to celebrate our daughter's 16th birthday. I'm not planning on staying there again.

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we stayed at this hotel for 5 nights, 3 May to 8 May 2011. We did NOT find any evidence of bedbugs throughout our stay.

FYI...Just because there is a cover on the mattress does not mean there are bedbugs present. Alot of hotels are using the covers as a protective measure.

Having suffered from bed bugs last year and it costing us lots emotionally and financially we now check EVERY ROOM we ever stay in prior to entering.

We arrived at the hotel Comfort Suites North Bergen, 1200 Tonnelle Ave, North Bergen, NJ
07047 around 9pm and was given room number 400 or 401 (i think) my husband and I went in to check.

We found evidence of bedbugs - feces, blood spots on the bedding, black marks on the mattress and box springs. The beds and box springs had the protective

bedbug covers on, indicating to me that they had been present in that room at some point.

We pulled out the bed and found a dead adult bug on the floor, we notified the manager who was very understanding and allowed us to check out at no charge and said that the hotel was treated routinely 10 rooms on a rotational basis.

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