Howard Johnson Express New Brunswick
26 Us Highway 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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I stayed in the hotel for two nights. The first morning of my stay, I woke up with 4 bites on my arm. I was moved to another room- I had 6 MORE bites- including one on my breast and on my face. I am so disgusted and appalled.

Please, do NOT go to this hotel. It is dirty and you will wake up with swollen bites. & when you report it, they will make it seem like it's your fault!

November 2009 I stayed in this hotel overnight and woke up in the morning with a slight itch. By the evening my wrist and forearm had about 10 bite marks, I also had a few on my ankle and my shoulder that turned into horrible welts and itched horribly.
I called the hotel immediately and spoke to the manager who really did not seem very concerned or believe me. I drove back to the hotel and showed the manager all of my bites. I was told that the big manager would be informed about the problem. I

called the next day and was informed that they would give me a 10% discount on my next stay and that they are addressing the problem. I should have been refunded the stay and I feel it was handled very poorly. I would never go back to this hotel because I feel that they did not deal very professionally with the problem or the suffering that I encountered for the following week!I hope that the problem was cleared up and was surprised to not see any problems listed for this place
I did have this problem happen about 3 months prior and they told me that the problem was totally cleared up, so I was in the area and it was walking distance to the NJ transit line into NYC so I tried it again and it happened again. I am pretty sure that the rooms were directly attached to each other.

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