Howard Johnson
26 Us-1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1562

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Stayed there two nights ago and woke up with bites all over my arms and legs. My wife also has bites on her arms.

Stayed there for one night and woke up to find a bed bug crawling next to me on the pillow! Then found one crawling on the wall. I don't see any bites on me but my boyfriend has about 30! On to of that they are fighting to refund me for the night. Never stay here!

I stayed in the Howard Johnson for two nights- On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. When I woke up Saturday night- Christmas Eve, I had 4 huge bites on my arm! I thought, "maybe it was mosquito...?" I was then moved to another room to wake up with 5-6 MORE bites! I immediately checked out & went back home to PA earlier than I planned.

The place is so gross & when I called to complain, they made it seem like I was making it up!


This hotel should be burned to the ground. Disgusting. I didn't notice how awful it looked from the outside, since my check in was late at night.

I am surprised the police don't know about this place. I checked out in the AM. I would have checked out sooner, but we were exhausted and needed to catch some sleep.

This Howard Johnson is more like a hooker haven. As I was checking out I heard that the Indian man behind the counter rents out rooms by the hour. So what does that tell you?


fested with bed bugs? They must be in every room. I have pictures to prove it. I had a welt on my neck the size of a golf ball. Also had bug bites on my toes, feet, legs, fingers, ear and my eye.

I got the cell phone # of the owner. He was nasty to me and asked why I was calling him. ????

I called the State Of New Jersey on this place. The woman on the phone wanted me to send her the bed bug. I told her that was impossible. Since when I tried to pick it up with the tweezer the bug disingrated, however, squirted out my blood. I have a pic of the bed bug as well.

I also complained to Howard Johnson hotel toll free #.

I should this location before making the decision to stay here overnight. Now I know why the room cost was inexpensive!!

If you google this will clearly see all the complaints about this place including their little friends. All those people cannot be wrong.

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