Howard Johnson Laurel Place
1104 Rt-73
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054-5111

Found 3 reports:

I was laying in bed watching TV in the morning and this bug just walked right over me! I know this is gross, but I caught it between my fingers quickly because it was fast and put it in a plastic cup. I went up to the front desk and asked to speak to the manager. He wasn't there yet, but I told her and asked her if there had been any complaints. She said that they are not told if there are (I don't believe that). I went back to my room to wait for the manager to call but I stayed outside and sa

t in my truck. About 20 minutes later he came to my room. He was very apologetic and wanted me to change rooms. No way! I still had one more night to stay (I had already been there 2 nights) and I told him that I wanted to stay at the Wyndham Hotel that's right behind them, which is his also. He was reluctant but gave in. He called over there and set it up for me (he still charged me the rate of the Knights Inn that night). I left everything that I was wearing, I changed my clothes standing in the tub, and my sneakers that were on the floor there.

I never saw anything when I initially checked in and I always check the mattress, pillows, everything before I even bring my stuff into a hotel room. (I travel frequently and have stayed there often). I didn't even see black fecal stuff. I don't know how I only saw one, but even one was too many!

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I forgot to mention that this location is not a Howard Johnson it is a Knights Inn.

I had stayed here in the past and never had trouble. About 2 am I woke up and saw a small bed bug on my sheets. I captured it and went to the front desk. The girl working the desk was asleep on the couch in the lobby and the door was locked. I pounded on the door and finally woke her up. She stated I would have to come back tomorrow. I slept in my car the rest of the night. The next day I spoke to the manager. He initially was reluctant to refund my money but eventually did after I ins

isted and mentioned the health department.

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