Madison Hotel
1 Convent Rd
Morristown, NJ

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smcarthur, General Manager at Madison Hotel, responded to this review
June 7, 2011
Our hotel does not have bed bugs! We have over 68,000 rooms for sale in a year and one (1) room out of 68,000 does not mean we have bed bugs. Imagine the quality control program of any other business who can claim they only have one issue out of 68,000. That would probably be a business people would want to use. It is not acceptable to our hotel though and we take any guest service issues very seriously regardl

ess of how small they may be. Because of that commitment to excellence we took your complaint seriously and asked a well known national pest control company to inspect the room and they found no living or dead insects anywhere in the room. In spite of their findings and at great expense to our hotel we had the room treated for pests and even disposed of the mattresses in question, replacing them with brand new ones. Since we truly value your business and satisfaction you and your roommates demands for fair compensation were met without question even before the allegations were neither proven or refuted. Thank you for your comments, we are sorry you had to go through this and we hope you visit us again.

Scott McArthur
General Manager

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June 5, 2011
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