Country Inn Wheaton Village
1125 Village Dr
Millville, NJ 08332

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i also had issues with room 152 and 151 they confirmed the bites on my children were also bed bug bites i seriously dont reccomend staying at this hotel i also was treated very rude and will never and i mean never stay at another country inn and suites. date aug 13 to 16 2011

sat. night i found a bite that i thought was some knin of spider bite. Tuesday after the huge welt didn't subside at all, I went to my primary Dr. and he confirmed that it was a Bed bug attack. He gave me paperwork to try to clean my cloths, suitcase and anything else that Might be infected.
It is now thursday and the welt is just as big as last Saturday. I am hoping my house doesn't have bugs now!

It was room 152 and the carpet and behind the bed were disgusting.

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