Courtyard Lyndhurst Meadowlands
1 Polito Ave
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071-3402

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April 22 2014

I was in room 433 for one night and the next morning i noticed i was covered with bed bug bites all over my arm's. I called the hotel and advised them that they should block that room until the bed bugs are cleared out which they were very accommodating with that.

March 25, 2012

I wish we had checked the bedbug registry before we came on our class trip to this hotel. I happened to find a bedbug on my pillow just as I was going to bed. After looking BRIEFLY I found another right away. We stopped looking immediately after that and ran from the room. We called the front desk to report them and they brought us keys to a new room. ummmmm.... no thanks! We were stuck here because of the late hour and the sizeable group with us. The other chaperone sh

aring the room has visible signs of bedbug bites after just one night. I really don't think Courtyard by Marriot handled this situation to our satisfaction.

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Multiple bedbugs on mattress and pillows in room 411 seen on January 28th 2012.
I booked 3 rooms for my daughters birthday as we were going to Medieval Times which happens to be right next door to the hotel. After reading the first report I called the hotel and asked them about the situation. They did not deny the bedbug report on this site but said that it had been taken care at this time. We decided to keep the reservation and go. On arrival they wanted to give us a room on the 3rd floor. My

sister in law said no we don't want to be on that floor so they gave us rooms on the 4th floor. We proceeded to the rooms and started our full check of the mattresses by removing the sheets and lifting the mattress to see the boxspring...low and behold by the area of the mattress near the headboard, not only was there a bedbug on the mattress but two were crawling on the pillow. I captured one of the bedbugs, we all ran out of the room and checked out as soon as possible leaving the bug with the clerk at the front desk as proof of our scaring encounter.

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Bed bugs found in room 307 on 10/18/2011.

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