Benedict Motel
401 W Edgar Rd
Linden, NJ

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Saturday may 14 My Boyfriend and I rented a room for a night at this motel. We thought it was a nice clean place and were excited to spend a romantic child free night together. We started to watch TV and relax ... after about an hour he was complaining of a painful itchy feeling on the back of his shoulder. We removed his shirt to fine 5 rather large bites. We started searching the bed where he was sitting right away and found one bug. (we had to check the internet on his phone to be sure, it

was a bed bug) We called the desk and they sent a maid up to look at the bug. They apologized and switched our rooms. We brought our things in and put them on the table of the new room. Then we ran out to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat. We came back and went to take a bath in the jacuzzi tub which was the main attraction to staying at this place. After the bath we laid down to get some sleep because at this point we were beat. No sooner had I put my head down on the pillow then another bug crawled out of the pillowcase. I was disgusted. We collected our belongings, put the bug in an ashtray and brought it down to the office. The woman at the desk told my boyfriend that she thought it was suspicious that we had found a bug in both rooms. She accused him of bringing the bugs with us. I told her that I was very upset about all of this. We had chosen this location because we thought that it was a nice clean place and that I had no desire to bring these pests home to my children. She said that she couldn't offer us any kind of refund but that we could call the owner on Mon. We left without any sleep and with our special night ruined so that I could go home and clean all of our belongings that had been in the room to make sure that we hadn't brought anything home with us. I called the owner on mon. He told me that he had an exterminator come in and that they hadn't found any bugs. He said that he would not give us any kind of refund but that we could call him directly and get a nights stay in this or his other location.

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