Hilton Woodbridge
120 Wood Ave S
Iselin, NJ 08830

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Bedbugs found. Reported to manager. They did not sound surprised.

Stayed there for just one night, but bad enough, the next day I had quite a few itchy bed bug bites. Make sure you check everything carefully when you stay at this hotel.

November 18, 2011
First night of visit, stayed in room 931. When I saw a few bite marks on my arms the next day, I suspected bedbugs and checked my room carefully. I found them on the underside of the box spring.
Hotel management moved me to another room, which they assured me they had just checked thoroughly.

If they can check thoroughly after you are bitten, why can't they do it before you check in?

By second day, more than 30 blistering bite marks had erupted on my arms and back, and

my left eye was swollen shut from a bite on my eyelid. My doctor put me on a 6-day prescription of steroids to treat the allergic reaction.

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I have stayed at this location two times due to work (08 and 09)for 2 days. The first visit I had no complaint of other than the out dated design of the hotel. My second visit in July 09 was VERY different. I was surprised that they gave me a suite at the end of a hallway (unsure of the room number possibly 512). The stay was same as the prior year until I returned home. Within three days I noticed an irritation on the back of my right thigh from the upper side to behind my knee with between

25-30 welts. They were painful and incredibly itchy. After a day or two of being miserable I went to the on site clinic at work explaining I had an uncomfortable rash. The nurse looked at it and quickly said it didn't look like a rash, they looked like bites. Living in TN I know what mosquito bites are like and these were severely worse. They were smaller and lasted for weeks. I read information on bed bugs and the symptoms as well as bite pictures matched what I was going through.

I promptly filed a complaint with the Hilton Woodbridge to notify them as the only environmental change I'd undergone was the trip and stay at their facility. To my shock the response I got was to say the least, hateful. They stated they inspected my room and found no trace of bugs and that they found it funny a week later I was reporting the issue. I sent them MULTIPLE articles showing the NY/NJ area prone to infestations of bed bugs and multiple studies suggesting it can take a few days for the bites to show. I was horrified to suffer through the bites, but to get an unprofessional email essentially calling me a liar. Luckily, I had put all of my luggage up and away from the bed (since I THOUGHT I had such a fancy suite) and nothing traveled home with me. It took 3 weeks for all the bites to go away. By that point some were scabs and there was some scarring that eventually faded.

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September 3, 2010. Checked in around 7pm, went to room to sleep. Woke up around 10pm, and found 1 large, engorged bedbug, and two smaller ones. Captured in a bathroom glass cup and brought them down to the front desk. Spoke to manager who confirmed they were bedbugs, but that they have never had them before, which by reading previous post is clearly not the case. Confirmed there would be no charges for the room and immediately left the hotel. Room 715 or 725

I am planning a trip to NYC over Labor Day Weekend and saw the hotel I had booked in North Bergen, NJ, hit the bedbugregistry.com list yesterday (7/27/2010)!!! It's the Comfort Suites, 1200 Tonnelle Ave, North Bergen, NJ, 07047.

This morning while looking for alternate lodging in the NYC area, I came across this posting on Trip Advisor.com for the Hilton Woodbridge in Iselin, NJ. Ok, won't be staying there either!!

If you want to see the actual post, search the Hilton Woodbridge on tripad

visor.com and in the search results, the date of the post is Feb 22, 2010. Here's what he had to say:

On our stay here for work me and several of other company staff (at total of 8 stayed) broke out in tiny irritating rashes on our legs and other areas of our bodies(out of the 8 only 3 seemed to have this problem), we brought this to the attention of the front desk and they assured us that they would check our rooms, nothing else was really done to remedy this situation, we checked out as scheduled a day later.
When traveling for work again we will gladdly pay our own way to stay at another area hotel if our company will not make other arrangments.
Upon returning home I called the hotel and asked to speak to a front desk manager to see if I can get some kind of resolution to this and see if this was an isolated incident or something, I spoke to Phil Basilous, he said he was the front desk manager, after explaining the whole thing to him he said he had no information and nothing was noted for our rooms, what a surprise.
In conclusion stay somewhere else!

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