Americas Best Value Inn
100 Union Ave, Irvington, Nj, 07111-3208
Irvington, NJ

Found 3 reports:

Booked room September 2013. Everywhere we go-1st
thing we do is pull the sheets down-noticed a bed bug immediately. Went to manager & checked out-wanted to give us another room but declined. Did get refunded.

My family stayed in room 305 on 8/20/2012. Three bedbugs were found 10 minutes after we turn off the light and turn it on again. I contacted front desk immediately. Front desk moved us to 309. We were still worried, and decided to go to sleep with two lamps on. However, my son woke up at ~3am and saw another bedbug right on my foot. We looked around and found another two. With all this happening, we could barely get some sleep, were really tired in the morning.

My husband and his coworker stayed at this hotel on Sunday 8/1/10 in room 210. On Monday 8/2/10 they began to get the tell tale itchy, red, raised rash. Unfortunatley my husband has had bed bug bites before. He is a truck driver and stays in motels/hotels quite a few times per year. I contacted the manager of the America's Best Value Inn to report the issue, but he didn't seem very interested.

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