Hilton Hasbrouck Heights/Meadowlands
650 Terrace Ave
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Found 2 reports:

Dear Mr. Ceglowski:

This past weekend I was alerted to a posting on The Bedbug Registry related to my hotel. Please see below screenshot.

The hotel has researched the details of the post and before disputing the report I wanted to provide you the opportunity to review the hotel’s position as stated below. The hotel suspects this could be a malicious post or the poster (JJ), may have the wrong hotel due to the inconsistencies with the posting content, hotel’s reporting process and prot

ocol for this type of event. I would also like to ask if you are able to act as an intermediary for the hotel with JJ? This would greatly assist the hotel in validating the post by having you share our potential questions and position with JJ to ensure they have the correct hotel and the events occurred as stated in the post. The poster (JJ), may also contact me directly if they wish to. My contact information is at the bottom of this email.

The hotel takes these type of incidents seriously and genuinely wants to resolve this by responding to the guest and addressing their concerns. The hotel must also be responsible by taking the appropriate pest control measures in the room if there is a bedbug problem. All our guests’ satisfaction and well being are a priority for the hotel. In this case the hotel has not been given an opportunity to validate, respond or resolve the issue directly with the guest before they posted to your site.

Hotel’s concerns and position at this time are:

• No management shift reports from that weekend indicate a report from a guest of a bedbug incident. Several senior managers were on duty that weekend and none reported any such guest interactions.
• Name of the manager who this report was given to.
• No “exhausting” arguments took place or were reported by any shift for that weekend. We have a detailed recap of the weekend and there was no mention of such an exchange.
• No additional reports were received from other guests as noted by JJ for their “aunt”.
• Hotel financial reports do not indicate a refund to any guests for this type of incident.
• No recent or current reports from guests of bedbug activity and in particular from this floor.
• No physical evidence was received by the hotel as noted “I was able to capture one in the glass they had in the room and showed it to management”.
• Some technical language used in the post suggests a familiarity with bedbug activity. Removing a dresser drawer is a very unusual practice for a leisure guest to take. Clusters of bites, redish (sic) brown spots, mattress seem (sic) all indicate a familiarity or the poster being lead by their “Googled” research.
• Hotel records do not indicate any wedding block of rooms on the 10th floor for this particular weekend.

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I just realized the site either took my report down or I forgot to hit submit. Maybe because i put the room number. So i will just say the following was reported in 2 rooms on the 10th floor. We stayed here on 1/26/13 for a wedding. The following morning I woke up with a cluster of red bumps on my stomach and leg. upon inspection of my matress found dark redish brown spots in the lining of the seem of my matress. I was so disgusted I flipped my mattress off the box spring and found about 1

0 small bugs moving under the box spring. I was able to capture one in the glass they had in the room and showed management. I googled to find out this bug was my worst fear.....a bed bug!!! After an exhausting argument with management they finally refunded my money. I quickly called orther family memebers who were staying there and told them about my findings. Low and behold my aunt searched her room before leaving and too found a single bug under her last drawer of the dresser. STAY AWAY!!!!!

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