Hilton Newark Airport
1170 Spring St
Elizabeth, NJ

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I stayed at the Hilton Newark Airport in Elizabeth, NJ on the 8/19/2011-8/22/2011. I will describe this experience accurately to hopefully warn future guests from entering this hotel. As known, this hotel is a major junction for travelers as this hotel connects NJ to New York city via public transportation. When we arrived, we were greeted politely by the desk staff and assisted on finding eateries as we were famished. As we entered the room, I personally inspected each bed, running my finge

rs through the seams of the mattressed and inspected the bottoms as well. Happily, I did not see one single bed bug or blood stain. The rest of the nights remained bed bug free until the final morning we were there. I awoke to find 2 blood stains on my bed sheet. I immediately knew what this was and quickly uncovered my bed sheets only to find nothing. I then flipped over the pillow and found 2 bed bugs, one brown, and one red, as this bed bug was just finished his feeding on my right arm. I had 2 bites on my right arm, and my friend had a bite on his foot. I angrily contacted the manager and he responded by not apologizing, not addressing the situation in a polite manner, rather he stated, "I'll send somebody up to inspect the room". I then agreed and went back inside my room and waited for 10 minutes. After patiently waiting, I called again, he stated, "He's on his way". I again waited another 10 minutes and stated that I wanted a refund. Unfortunately, I paid through a 3rd party and was unable to refund my stay, but was offered a refund on my parking which was $30. We proceeded to leave unsatisfied and upset as this hotel had bedbugs and the ones in charge were rude and unable to address the situation in a professional manner. I strongly urge anybody to avoid this hotel and to find another area of shelter.

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