Four Points by Sheraton Newark Airport
901 Spring St
Elizabeth, NJ

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This place is now a Crowne Plaza. I guess Sheraton dumped it, because of its reputation or something.

I checked in, went up to my room, unpacked, pulled back the covers, and noticed tiny red spots. I got out my reading glasses, looked closer, and realized they were bugs, on the side of the mattress and up by the headboard. Holy you know what!

I called downstairs and they didn't seem shocked, like they get these calls all the time. They moved me to another room, which means I had to rep

ack and drag my suitcase to another room. I inspected that bed and saw one bug, which I now realize was a bed bug. Another call, another room, this time no visible bed bugs. However, when I woke up the next morning, I itched and had bites on my arms.

I will never stay in this or any other Crowne Plaza ever again. I guess they don't believe in exterminators, because they are obviously aware of the issue. When I got home, I took my clothes right out of my suitcase and washed them and my suitcase at a laundry mat, because I didn't want to chance bringing bed bugs into my home.

I looked up on the Internet and found out they were bed bugs.

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I\'m a flight attendant for a major airline company in the states. I recently had a layover at four points sheraton 7-7-08. when i walked into the room i noticed that the carpet was dirty like they forgot to vacuum. when i walked into the bathroom their was pubic hair on the tile floor. the next day when i layed over in seattle and was changing out my uniform shirt i noticed what i thought was lint on the inner folds of my white uniform shirt when i opened the fold this reddish brown bug started

to crawl away. I took the nearest hotel glass and smooshed it. Instead of guts their was bright red blood. I had no idea what a bed bug looked liked till i came home and googled bedbugs. i\'m eternally grossed out and vowed to never pick up a trip that lays over at four points sheraton in elizabeth nj. yes i will report this to my company\'s operations department.
cannot remeber room number but it was on the fourth floor.

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