Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
8 New Durham Rd
Edison, NJ

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Bed bugs crawling out of the pillows by the dozens!!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw something like this in my life! I was aware of a serious bed bug problem in NJ so when I woke up at 2am with a slight itch in my arm (no other reaction) I decided to search my bed. This exceeded my worst fears. They were everywhere!!! I killed around 20 bed bugs in my bed, leaving bloody smears all over the bed. I saw dozens more inside the pillowcases, it was so gross!!!! Pillowcases were so thin that it was possible to

see dark bugs easily through them. I alarmed my companion and she also found many bugs in her bed and pillowcases. Hotel stuff moved us immediately to another room but needless to say, I didn't close my eyes that night any more. Now, all my things that I had with me in the hotel are still in plastic bags and I am trying to bake the bugs, which could have gotten into my suitcase, on the sun. By the way, hotel informed me in an e-mail that the pest control didn't find any bed bugs in my room!!! They must have gone to a wrong room!!! When I was still at the hotel, I took couple of dead bed bugs with me and showed them to the manager, and ..... all this bloody mess on the beds! I wonder how the hotel can reconcile both findings. To give the manager justice, I was not charged for the night. I just can't believe that hotel that is so infested, (one of the stuff said that they have to call pest control couple of times every month) was not listed in the bed bug registry yet!

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