Ramada Inn and Conference Center East Hanover
130 State Route 10
East Hanover, NJ

Found 3 reports:

June 2012, we checked in and saw a bed bug on the pillow and immediately evacuated the room and told the front desk. They didn't look surprised and said sometimes we get bed bugs through other costumers. We asked them to book us a room in another hotel and transfer us there ASAP. They did not refuse or argue and did it immediately. We then put all our clothes which were exposed, in a dryer and cleaned our suit cases with alcohol and went to another hotel.

In late 2011 I encountered bedbugs. I was bringing some to front desk in a glass and met a maintenance worker on elevator who asked about the bugs. When I said I had been eaten over 2 nights he nodded vehemently and indicated that it was a problem they had and someone who was experienced from their problems that would handle it, they were very experienced by now. He then got off the elevator. I went to the front desk and they accepted the glass with the bugs, and said thanks ...that was it.

I responded on a survey with my comments that I felt the front desk had disregarded me, and also that I would have appreciated an honest answer so I could treat my belongings approrpiately. I received a call from the manager a few weeks later who said that they don't have a problem, they had taken care of it..He said that they had a person look and that room showed nothing, .and I must have gotten "the tale end of it" whatever that is...they were apparently just waiting to die.. He took 1/2 off the room for one of the nights.

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On April 15, 2011 I checked into the Ramada Inn very late. I did a quick check for bed bugs and then went to sleep. My mistake.....in the morning I found a bug. I did a thorough check and found evidence of bedbugs! The hotel changed my room, but I'm terrified to sleep in a hotel now.

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