Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Tower Center Ne
4 Tower Center Blvd
East Brunswick, NJ 08816-1143

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Checked in to (I believe) room 328 around 6 PM. Found bed bugs at home years ago, so we always do a bed bug check. Turned up the mattress on the first bed and found faded (from age or cleaning, unsure) blood stains, some fairly large, on the underside near the top of the bed. Pulling back the bed skirt, found another large blood stain on the top end of the box frame. After only a moment's inspection, I found a small, dead bug on top of the box frame; I cannot say

for sure that

it was a bed bug, but it seems a reasonable conclusion, and we made a decision to leave.
We called the front desk to report the problem, and (presumably) the manager came up. He ensured us we could check out, but then began fixing the bed and actually complained about the state I had left it in (intentionally, to show him the problem). He told us that we would, of course, be allowed to leave and fully refunded for the room; but when I noted the inconvenience to him, he actually told me, "No, I can still sell the room."
I always check the Bed Bug Registry, but I do understand that any hotel may experience occasional problems with bed bugs. However, when the hotel manager openly SAYS he will KNOWINGLY book a room that HAS BED BUGS IN IT... DO NOT STAY.

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