Homewood Newark Cranford
2 Jackson Dr
Cranford, NJ

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Checked in 11/14/14 for my daughters wedding weekend my daughter and bridesmaid stayed in room207 morning of wedding I received phone call from my daughter they had bed bugs in room and were bitten I went to room they were on the wall behind back of bed in my daughters clothing not something you need on one of the most memorable days of your life. Because of this it set the tone for the day causing delays on getting to church etc.so if you are thinking of using this location to stay think twice

and give your room a good check

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stayed in this hotel May 21-22 2014 and woke up with a bite under my eye... very swollen red and puffy... next day it blew up like I had been hit by someone... this swelling required a doctors visit a steroid treatment and bendaryl regime... it is now April 3rd and the swelling is down but I have a visible black eye. My doctor diagnosed a bedbug bite. I informed the front desk and the manager was very apologetic. I have been trying to contact the hotel sense then, as I had to throw out two of

my husbands suits and my clothing as well. It sucks! I am very displeased with the end result of my visit-

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We stayed in this hotel from 2/6/2012 to 5/6/2012 while my husband was working TDY. I am extremely cautious about bed bugs from our constant moves. I checked the room once a week the entire 3 month duration. Happy to report nothing found: no bugs, no fecal matter, no small blood stains.

9/20/11 -- checked into hotel, Rm 113. Smelled odd but looked OK. At bedtime, saw bug crawling under a pillow. When I moved back the mattress I saw a handful crawling on the box spring. Went to front desk, they were very apologetic, credited me the full amount, and even called 15 other hotels to try to get me a room. All were booked, so I slept on the clean bugfree sofabed. Next night they found me a clean bugfree room.

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