Howard Johnson Clifton
680 State Rt 3
Clifton, NJ 07012

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Stayed in Room 206. Woke up and discovered 3 adult bed bugs in the bed. Looked up picture on-line and it was an exact match. Reported to hotel management. They plan to move us to a new room.

6/4/12 - woke up with big red mosquito looking bites all over my neck, forehead and arms. Went to the bathroom and saw a small 'fleck' on my neck and tried to pluck it so I could photograph it, but it just 'popped' and a small amount it bright red blood came out. I'm a physician and pretty sure this was bed bug bites! Very itchy and very upset about this. I reported this to the receptionist and showed him all my bites. Need to make a formal report to DOH and manager. My meeting this afternoon wa

s cut short because I was itching to much!

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I stayed at this hotel for a brief stay in 2009...a few days before Labor Day weekend. The first room they gave me had mold on the walls and you can clearly smell the mold. They changed my room.

The day of check out on my last day, I found a dead bed bug on the desk. I was grossed out. And the bug wasn't there prior. I would have seen it, since my laptop was sitting on the desk.

I told the manager who is a female at the front desk. It didn't seem as if she was at least concerned. I would

never, ever go there again.

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I will be going to NYC over Labor Day weekend and the hotel I had booked in North Bergen, NJ, Comfort Suites, hit the list earlier this week. I have cancelled that reservation and am still in search of "Plan B" lodging; in doing so, I am finding posts on TripAdvisor about bedbugs that I am adding to the registry. Although the doctor said the travellers got scabies, my hunch said it is actual bed bug bites.

Today's find is the Howard Johnson's in Clifton, NJ. http://www.trip
Posted July 12, 2010.

"My wife and I together with our two daughters stayed at this hotel on June 30th in seaparate rooms. The following morning, my daughters complained to me that there were bed bugs crawling on their beds, the shower handle is broken and the safe is not working. They showed me their bug bites on their legs and back. So immdeaitely we checked out and moved to a different hotel. Now that we are back home, my daughters went to see their doctor to have their bug bites checked out. The doctor said that they have scabies and gave them a cream to apply to their bites. The doctor also told them to wash all their clothes, towels and beddings in hot water to kill the mites. They also have to tell people that they have close contact with about this problem (how embarrasing). It may take several weeks to complely cure them of their condition. I am seriouly thinking of suing this hotel for what they are putting my daughters through."

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