La Sammana Hotel
1400 W Brigantine Ave
Brigantine, NJ 08203-2144

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On November 15 my husband and I checked into this hotel and when I checked the bed I found bugs. Took a bug down to the front desk to show them they had bugs and they played it off as something from the sandy beach. I do not feel they took it seriously. Switched room to two floors up and found bugs on the mattress in that room as well. we refused to stay there and checked out. The night check in person(man) just said they have rules to follow and they checked the first room we had and said they

stripped the bed and found no more. Evidently they did not check the mattress between the top cushion and bottom cushion which is attached to the mattress. I felt they did not take the situation seriously. We were told they would tell the manager in the morning. To me that is too late when you have people checking in and can take the bugs home with them and not be aware of it..

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