Bridgewater Marriott
700 Commons Way
Bridgewater, NJ

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Stayed here for business in Sep 2013, noticed a dozen or so bites a day after I got back. The stress of possibly bringing them back to my apartment (despite NEVER having bed bugs before, and living in NY, Philadelphia and Boston) is out of control.

I stayed at the Bridgewater Marriott in NJ the second week of July 2013 (only place I have stayed since February) and on my drive home I noticed 4 very itchy red spots on my stomach. When I got home, I researched bed bugs online and found that the red spots were consistent with bites from a bed bug in symptoms, appearance, and were in a line (typical bed bug bite is 2-5 bites in a rough line). I called the hotel to inform them of this and they had a company come in to check the room. They called

me back to say they had a negative find for bed bugs (would they tell me if they did?) I have no way of knowing if the bites were from a bed bug or something else, but something definitely bit me!

Anyway, I do not care so much about the bites and they are almost healed a week later, but the stress of taking a half day off from work to wash everything in my suitcase in hot water and wondering if I brought bugs to my home and family in my luggage has been the worst part. From my research, I learned that bed bugs can really be in any hotel (they like clean as much as dirty!)and I certainly found this Marriott to be clean. But, I was very disappointed in their customer relations as they did not offer ANYTHING to me to take any responsibility for this incident. Since their inspection was allegedly negative, they did not offer me any compensation. Really?

It's the principle of the matter that bothers me as their attitude just made the whole situation even more upsetting. I bore all the cost of this and they were not willing to bear any. I contracted to pay $230/night for a room in which I expect NOT to be bitten. Although I am a person who never really asks for anything or complains ever, I was shocked to be told it is not their policy to offer any compensation unless they have a positive find for bugs. So if you stay at a Marriott and have an experience like mine, please be aware that Marriott Corporation does not take ANY responsibility for this type of incident.

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