Comfort Inn Bordentown
1009 Us Highway 206
Bordentown, NJ 08505

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I stayed in room 216 August 21st and August 22nd. When I woke up on the 22nd and went to the bathroom I noticed in the mirror that I had a bed bug strapped to my side I grabbed a tissue and put it in the ice container. It seemed to be missing a few legs, but still alive. I have about 15-20 bites in all.

09/03/11-09/04/11 -- We were attending a wedding in the area, and a block of rooms had been reserved for the guests. We were put in room 114. Around 5:30 in the morning, I had opened my eyes to notice a black dot on my pillow near my face. I immediately got up to realize it may have been a bug, although I was not expecting a bed bug. I yelled to my boyfriend to check for me, as I was not wearing my contacts or glasses. "Is that a bug?!" I asked. His reply was alarming, "yes, they are bugs..." I

was disturbed by the fact that there were multiple bugs, not just one as I had imagined. I immediately jumped out of bed and followed my boyfriend to the bathroom where we inspected what type of bugs they were. Never having encountered beg bugs personally, I was suspicious, but could not confirm it myself. We looked up what a bed bug looked like on our phones and were able to confirm it. They were indeed bed bugs. Immediately, panic started to set in and immediately went back to the bed and turned over all the pillows and pulled back the bed spread to realize there were at least four or five other bed bugs, mostly under the pillows we had just been using, but also several towards the foot of the bed. We spent the next two hours meticulously inspecting all our clothes and luggage to ensure that that we weren't bringing unwanted stowaways with us. After packing, we were to the front desk to complain and check out. The front desk attendant was surprisingly unaffected, and unsurprised, even unapologetic about the bed bug issue. The father of the bride came out at this time to negotiate with the hotel staff and was absolutely appalled and demanded a full refund for our room. The clerk, seemingly intimidated by the father of the bride, quietly obliged and we were not charged anything, thankfully. I'm so thankful that we have no evidence of any bites, or any bugs in our luggage (we checked again and again), but suffice it to say, waking up to a bed full of bugs is one of my worst fears realized. I'd like to think the hotel would address this issue as soon as possible, and as thoroughly as possibly, but I will never stay even within 5 miles of this hotel, ever again.

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