Howard Johnson Express Blackwood
832 N Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012

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Stayed at the hotel 5/19/12 and woke up with what seemed to be 5 or 6 hives and by the end of the day counted over 50 bed bug bites!! Went back to check the room and sure enough saw bed bugs under the sheet and ripped off the headboard and saw black dots which appeared to be droppings. The manager didn't seem to care either and since a refund wasn't given and I had to leave before I would have done something that would have gotten me in a lot of trouble I will be calling the credit card company

to stop the charge.

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Bedbugs are travlers NOT because of a dirty condition. Even 5 Star hotels have bedbug problems. You may even have them in your home now because they hitchhike. good luck.

I stayed at this hotel on 11/29/11 the night before an important job interview. I woke up around 1am with bedbugs crawling all over me (of all different shapes and sizes). I immediately went to the office. They refused to refund my money, but switched me to a different room. I was so paranoid for the rest of the night about bedbugs that I couldn't even sleep in the room they switched me into. What a horrible experience!

We stayed at this hotel for 3 days from 11/19/11 to 11/22/11. On our last night, my wife and my older daughter noticed a few red itchy bumps on their hand and wrist areas. We didn't think twice about it, as we were trying to finish up our sight seeing before we left Phlly the next day. When we got home, the bites on my wife had multiplied and there were red itchy bumps on her face and neck too. The bites also got redder and itchier. 2 days after we got back, my wife's condition deteroriated so m

uch that her bites became swollen and inflamed. She could hardly open her left eye because of the swollen bumps around her eye. Many of the bumps ruptured and were oozing pus. In her own words, "I look hideous. How can I go back to work on Monday?". She had to make an emergency trip to her doctor instead of doing her favorite Black Friday shopping. My older daughter's condition also got worse and we had to go to an urgent care center to see her doctor after my wife was done with her doctor's appointment. Her bites multiplied too and her doctor also confirmed that the bites were caused by bed bugs. It was a hell of a day.

We specifically booked this hotel because we were trying to avoid the dirty conditions in the lower class motel. We travel many times a year and have lived in different motels/hotels much cheaper and of lower class than Howard Johnson, but none of them have ever given any of us bed bugs at all. This is unacceptable for a hotel that advertises themselves to be better than that. We know for sure now that we will not dare step into another Howard Johnson, not to mention sleep there. My daughter's friends and our doctors share the same sentiments too. They need to seriously improve their sanitary standards.

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