Olde Mill Inn
225 Us Highway 202
Basking Ridge, NJ

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In response to the posting by Bitten Doctor on 3/4/14
The Olde Mill Inn Management and ownership takes very seriously any report of any bed bug activity.
The guest who had reported this incident under Bitten Doctor has been contacted by the Management on two occasions and has not returned our calls.
The property immediately inspected the room in question and found no evidence of an issue.
Subsequent to this staff inspection, we had our regularly contracted pest control company inspect the ro

om and they found no evidence of Bed Bug activity.
Additionally we contracted a second company specializing in Bed Bug control provide and inspection and again, no evidence was found.
Our property has a long standing program for proactive, preventative measures, which include mattress and box spring encasements for all beds, weekly inpection, cleaning and treatment of the rooms as well as quarterly sweeps of the entire hotel.
It is a surprise that this website can allow indescriminate, unverified postings of this kind and it is unfortunate that the readers will put any credibility behind its content.
Our property has already began receiving the negative financial repercussions of this posting and it is our hope that the editor or moderator will remove it in short order. Any guest concerned with the properties integrity, is welcomed to contact the management for documentation of our efforts and to confirm the inspection and conclusions of the two inspections addressing this Guests report.

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I stayed in the Olde Mill Inn Feb 23-28th 2014. I started to notice a rash and itching on my arm on the second to last day, and my last night I had trouble sleeping due to itching on arms and legs. When I got home, a rash had appeared on my legs. It is the typical two to three in a row rash and fairly itchy.

I called the Olde Mill Inn and spoke with a manager. He didn't seem at all surprised or concerned about the fact that I was bitten all over my arms and legs and he didn't offer to get my

clothing cleaned, he didn't ask how I was. He did say they would look into things. It seemed he thought that this was very casual and routine.

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