Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
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Atlantic City, NJ

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I've came here for years. It was my favorite place in Atlantic City. I come every month for a few days.
The fact the your employees are warning me not to stay here anymore cause of the bed bug problems speaks volumes. The fact that the hotel doesn't reply to anyone who has issues, doesn't let the public know how they are handling the situation says they are simply ignoring the problem.
I was so excited when you didn't close last year now I think you mine as well. You don't care you hav

e a huge issue with bed bus in your hotel, don't care about the people who get bitten and stuff gets ruined. You just don't care period. Shame on you!

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Stayed at Taj Mahal on December 12th. Got multiple bed bug bites and now I think I brought them home.. This is terrible. Total nightmare.

On December 11, 2015..My daughter and I stayed at the Taj Mahal room 42xx,it was not the first time we stayed there, we were very excited to get to AC...We walked around and got something to eat.... While in the room we noticed something small flying around the room....we didn't think too much about it...we though it was just a gnat..durning the night i would scratch my leg, and often felt like there was something on my face...When I woke that morning I felt my face was a little swollen, and my

leg was red.... well I ended up having 3 bite on my face and a large bullet looking bit on my leg....I really like going to the Taj, but this will change things for me.....

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On December 11, 2015..My daughter and I stayed at the Taj Mahal room 42xx,it was not the first time we stayed there, we were very excited to get to AC...We walked around and got something to eat.... While in the room we noticed something small flying around the room....we didn't think too much about it...we though it was just a gnat..durning the night i would scratch my leg, and often felt like there was something on my face...When I woke that morning I felt my face was a little swollen, and my

leg was red.... well I ended up having 3 bite on my face and a large bullet looking bit on my leg....I really like going to the Taj, but this will change things for me.....

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November 12th 2015

Just got back from The Taj Mahal

I thought I was smart when I checked the bed and found nothing.

I should have checked the sofa.

It is a living hell living with the 24/7 itching.

I forgot to check before I stayed there.
Now I am paying the price.

Do yourself a favor and be real careful before you choose a place to stay.

On Oct. 26,2015, we were staying at the Trump Taj Mahal, Room 3727.At 10:15 pm, my husband felt like he was being bitten on his Left Foot and back. WE turned the light on and there were at least 50 different size bedbugs all over his bed.They sent a security manager to our room and he witnessed the bedbugs all over and reported it. He also stated there was blood on my husbands socks, sheets and t-shirt. Case#15-10-2644 and his name was Donald Glaze, Security Manager.We left the Casino and was to

ld there were 2 other cases just reported.We put all our belongings in large plastic bags before leaving and we were told to fill out this form on line. On October29, I left a recorded message at the risk management persons desk at 10:49am. HAve not heard back from anyone yet. I calledan exterminator for my home and gave my bags to a local bedbug cleaner to disinfest my belongings.

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On Oct. 26,2015, we were staying at the Trump Taj Mahal, Room 3727.At 10:15 pm, my husband felt like he was being bitten on his Left Foot and back. WE turned the light on and there were at least 50 different size bedbugs all over his bed.They sent a security manager to our room and he witnessed the bedbugs all over and reported it. He also stated there was blood on my husbands socks, sheets and t-shirt. Case#15-10-2644 and his name was Donald Glaze, Security Manager.We left the Casino and was to

ld there were 2 other cases just reported.We put all our belongings in large plastic bags before leaving and we were told to fill out this form on line. On October29, I left a recorded message at the risk management persons desk at 10:49am. HAve not heard back from anyone yet. I calledan exterminator for my home and gave my bags to a local bedbug cleaner to disinfest my belongings.

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My family and I stayed at the Trump plenty of times. One time I saw a bug that look like a bed bug (during that time I didn't know much about bed bugs so I didn't pay it no mind). Thinking back at that time I saw that bed bug on the sheets made me furious because now I'm dealing with small to medium infestation of bed bugs in my home(in my bedroom) now. At that time I wish I knew what it look like and how could I avoid it coming back into my home, my bedroom! Been going through depression but th

is bed bug situation made my depression deeper. Been treating my house and bedrooms with DE powder/cleaning clutter areas. Hopefully this battle of bed bugs soon disappear soon. Btw my last stayed was on August 4 to August 5 of this year. That will be last and finally stay there too! This situation made me don't want to stay at any hotel for a good while now.

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I stayed in room 3925 on Sunday September 6,2015 @ 0400 I was awakened from my sleep because something was biting me.I went to the bathroom and noticed a bitemark on my right arm. I inspected my beding and found two bedbugs on my pillow case. I reported this occurrence to the front desk and showed the bedbugs to the front desk manager. I was given room 3222 and received no further comsideration. The bedbug discovery and move to a new room at 435 am was a major upset but the pain i experience fr

om the bite was unbearable, and the only thing they could give me was some jel. This is
unacceptable, given the volume of bedbug reports at The Taj Mahal and the fact that this has not been resolved demostrates the lack of empathy they have for their customer. Case # 15-09-2247

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I my mother and sister-inlaw stayed at the taj mahal on August 13,14, 2015 about 3:48am on that Saturday morning I woke up itching I ran to the bathroom and found bite marks on my arm and face. I went back to the bed and pulled the covers back and I saw the bedbug I grabbed a tissue and picked the bug up, I put it in plastic raped in a face clothe. I called the front desk they sent up security, I told Mr. Glaze what had just taken place and tried to show him the bedbug and he was not interes

ted he seemed as though this was a reoccurring event and just offered us another room. My family and I couldn't sleep in the next room. I tried to sleep on the chairs. Later that morning my arm and face was so swollen and began to feel tight, we checked out, as soon as I came home I went to the doctors and they gave me a technigue shot and antibiotic no one from The Taj Mahal ever called me to see how I was doing nor did they offer any type of information to me when I showed them my arm and how it had swollen, they were much nicer when we checked in all they said was do you want to go the hospital it will cost you, that's when I said Ill go when I get home. All my luggage is now in my garage and I was told that I have to throw everything out or I can contaminate my home.

This is not fair to me all I was looking for was a nice couple of days in AC and spending time with my mother and instead I got is swollen face and arm, 10days on antibiotic a technigue shot which is so painful and the lost of personal property that I do not want to part with. I never in all the 56 yrs. of my life have I ever been through something like this. I will never stay in the Taj Mahal again, Room 4427


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I stayed at the Trump Taj Mahal on July 17 in the chairman tower. Not sure of the room number but it was 60XX, (First Floor of the chairman tower) I never looked closely at the mattress as I assumed it was clean. The next day I started getting an itch on back at work and when I looked in the mirror I had several red bumps. Went to the doctor that day who asked, if I had recently traveled and he said that they were bed bug bites. I am totally skeeved out and paranoid as now I risked bringing

them home in my luggage too. Won't be back to Trump.

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Stayed there from 5/17-5/19 2015 room seemed clean did not really look at mattress cause was not thinking to have to check for bed bugs boy did i wish I did on the 2nd morning the day of checkout I woke up with these itchy red bumps on chest and around arm pits Googled it def bed bugs also found one in my luggage after returning home and unpacking completely dissatisfied and def will not be staying there ever again!!

Stayed 2 night during Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the family (12/24/14-12/26/14). Morning of Christmas after a warm shower I noticed my left arm was very erythematous. Im a 4th year medical student and already knew what it was. Bed bugs. It was itchy, slightly raised, and warm as hell. It went from my left shoulder all the way to my mid back. Told management of the situation and they switched rooms. They took my name and address separately which I thought was a little odd though? Anyway

s won't be going back there again and wouldn't recommend anyone else either.

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Driving home as I type from the Taj. 11/28/2014 - Woke up this morning with four itchy bites on my back. Found a tiny bug on my sheet right under where I was sleeping in room 2615. Also found a could- be egg sack in the bed. So gross and scary.
Planning to drop off the kids and husband at home and have them strip on the back porch and then heading to the laundromat with all our stuff. I reported it on the way out to the bellhop - he seemed grossed out but not surprised and said he would "let t

hem know"- and we just bailed out of there. Disgusting.

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I stayed at the Taj Mahal on 11/13/14 to 11/15/14 and was attacked by bedbugs in room 4622.I made a report and sent pictures of my skin to risk management and no one called back to check on me or nothing. I normally would say in the Chair Man Tower where i never has any issues and i decided to stay in a regular room and it infested with bedbugs. I had to go to a doctor i was bitten that badly.Risk Mgmt sucks and do not care about people.This is not over.

Checked into room 4025 on November 7th. Woke up the next morning being eating by bed bugs. Called front desk was told they would move us to another room. When ever one was ready. Asked for someone to come up no one did. After being transferd with attitude about 10 times on the phone we moved all our stuff out in the hall. After On hour later and several phone calls. We decided to go to the front desk. Kept asking to see a manager I was told they were all in a meeting. Security (Michael Hitchens

) came and gave me a case number (14-11-2984) with attitude. Ok back upstairs we went. After sitting for three hours itching an scratching a manager finally calls. We were moved to 8118 Chairmans tower. This was a weekend from hell. Not to mention everyone that was with me all have kids. Didn't no if these bugs were going home with us or not. Hotel staff acted as if this stuff was nothing. Thanks for the attitudes the staff need some classes on how to deal with customers. You need the peoples money to run a casino.

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In May of 2014 i woke up scratching fiercely on my are. I jump out of the bed to look at my arm>It started to swell.I turned on the light and went over to the bed and saw something running on the pillow.I grabbed the pillow,squeezed it and looked to see that it was a bedbug.I took the pillow downstairs to security.They called someone who came and made a report.They gave me another room.

I went back again on June 27th 2014, went to bed about 1:30am, woke up at 3:55am scratching my elbow like

crazy noticed swelling,went over to the bed, and yes! there it was a bedbug running across my bed.I was upset as well as furious.I grabbed it in a face cloth,went downstairs to security.Someone was called ,took the report and came back upstairs with me.I showed them the evidence.We went downstairs and i was offered another room .I declined and stated that i ust wanted to go home.Another supervisor came out to speak with me and offered me an upgrade upon my next visit(if i ever get the nerve to go back)These incidents happened in the Taj

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We ( my wife & I ) stayed in the chairmans tower at the taj mahal on Nov. 7,2013, and received a bad case of bed bug bites that didn't show up for 24 hrs. We called back and reported this to security,and sent pictures, and report via certified mail to risk management. They keep saying someone will contact us, but haven't. I have over $800 in emergency room / medicine bills.
I was on the verge of having blood poisen according to the doctor.
I know they have some type of insurance to take care

of this, but they don't seem to care.
If someone knows a GOOD ATTORNEY-please post, as this is going to be my next move, if we don't receive a response.
According to the law I have read, they are obligated for this.

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Arrived 9/6/13 and departs 9/8/13. Bedbugs bit me in the middle of the night. I called down to the front desk, they told me to call security to make a report. They transfered us from room 3408 to room 1710. They didnt even bother to comp us dinner, provide us with a report or anything even though they ruined my plans of going out to my friends one and only bachelorette party. Make sure you get your incident number prior to leaving.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you too have had a bedbug experience at the Trump Taj Mahal.

Thank you.

I stayed at the trump taj mahal with 2 friends on sept 21 2013 for my 30th birthday. we found a bed bug the next morning i brought it to the front desk clerks attention very quietly and they were still rude. They were supposed to call me and email me but nver did to resolve this. They took a live bed bug from me as evidence and just threw it in the trash. very unprofessional and very rude. i even contacted the name they gave me for risk management for some satisfaction and nothing

My 84 year old mother and I were just there Oct 14 - 16. While she was on the machines I went upstairs to check on the room. To my surprise I found it to be dirty. A Trump lotion left from the last person with brown "stuff" around it. Towels that didnt look clean. The body wash and shampoo on the wall had hair on it from the last person ( ugh). One bug on the bathroom floor.
I had a fit... told housekeeping they replaced and cleaned.
We slept on beautiful beds with comforters that looked li

ke they came from a dumpster. Who owns this hotel now ? Shame on them.
We live 20 mins from Foxwoods, this was a special trip to NJ... thanks.
We have traveled to las vegas... MGM excellent !!!

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Both our bed and our friends' beds had bed bugs. We were staying in Trump Tower and they were in Chairman tower-- so this is obviously a hotel-wide problem. Staff not helpful at all, sarcastically asking if we needed an ambulance. I find Taj's staff rude and uncaring, the rooms filthy (this is my first experience with bed bugs and I'm horrified by their complete disregard for the problem) and we will be taking our business elsewhere going forward.

Don't stay here-- save yourself the horr

or of waking up to itchy bug bites and seeing bugs on your mattress. I will be sending Taj my laundry bill.

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We recently stayed there over the holiday and we were BOTH attacked! Markings all over! The sheets felt gritty (almost like sand) during the night. I was too exhausted to look but now I am wishing I had instead. These bumps all over our legs and feet are god aweful! DO NOT STAY IN THE OCEAN TOWERS! OR THIS DIRTY HOTEL! I only pray every article we own hasn't been infected by now.

10/20/12...stayed here in the chairman towers ..The room was beautiful and spotless... I have this dreadful fear of bugs..I work in the airport so i see a lot of real icky stuff.Wherenever I travel I try to take all all precautions to advoid this.. I stip the room down when I first check in... I remove all bedding and move and lift the matress/ boxspring.and spray with alcohol...(dont know what this does, only it gives me piece of mind). I dont sleep well when away. I wake up often and do anoth

er check of bed.. we are going back soon......hope its still bug free......

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I have stayed at the Trump Taj over 30 times over the past 7 years. No sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs is one of my biggest fears. I will still go to this hotel.

Stayed 10/8-10/11 on 24th floor. Mattress & box spring were in zippered covers, but no evidence of bedbugs. Sheets were clean.

My friend and I had connecting rooms (2708 & 2710) in the old tower. In the evening of 9/28 watched tv sitting on queen bed in 2708 while my friend was in other queen bed. Went back to my room after watching tv. Next evening watched tv again not sleeping in bed. My friend calls me at 3am to tell me she got up to take a shower to get the smoke smell off her and decided she was going to sleep in the bed I was sitting on watching tv that evening and says she saw some bugs on the bed. I immediatel

y went over to check it out and sure enough bed was infested with bed bugs. Call front desk and they sent 2 men to check it out. They asked if she wanted another room but didn't ask me. I told them I'm not staying in either of these rooms. Gave us another room, but acted like it was nothing. Did not tell us what to do when we got home or anything. I had to look up online what we needed to do with our luggage. Who knows if it worked. I'm freaking out everyday thinking I'm going to find bed bugs in my house. Complete torture. Trump staff acted like it was no big deal. Unbelievable!

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This was my second time staying at the Taj Mahal and first time in the old tower. I woke up around 10am this morning to find an adult size bed bug crawling next to my shoulder. I had never seen a live one before. Took pictures of it, called the front desk who sent security up to investigate. The guy killed the bug, took my information and asked if i wanted to check out from another room. I wasnt going to change rooms at that point because check out was in an hour. At checkout i went to the

front desk to ask if i could at least be comped for the room. The woman was non apologetic and said she could not refund the price for the room and i will have to wait till next monday to call to speak with risk management. Thats 4 days from now! Im sorry but this behavior is unacceptable and just plain poor business practice. I do not plan on staying at this location or trump hotels in general ever again. The staff seems to be ill-informed on how to deal with such situations and made no effort to reconcile the fact that one of their guests was displeased with their accommodations, let alone exposed to a potential insect infestation.

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Trump tower, checked in at 3 pm AND checked out at 2AM, roon had a bad smell,.filthy bathroom...went to casino they back to room around fell asleep and woke up itchy and bed was infested with bed bugs ..had many crawling all over the pillows/ 2124 ...staff was useless and acted like it was no big deal, now i have a feeling a common occurence here
I am done with visiting here.

Checked in to Room 3622 on July 30, 2012. Durning the night I was itching. I woke up in the morning and sat up in bed and was scratching my legs. looked at my toes and saw they were bitten up.
Then I saw IT.... The BEG BUG.. right between my toes, sucking the blood out of me. he was big about the size of a pen point. I was stunned to see what I was looking at, so I tried to knock It off and did. I captured it with a piece of paper and put itin a glass with a lid. I called the front desk. They

sent up George the Security Guard to take a report. They asked me if I need any thing to stop the itching. I told them that would be very nice. They said the had Wipes and spray, but the spray would have to be returned to them. They brought me 4 alcohol wipes about a inch big. My toes were bitten so bad they were bleeding.
They then gave the Glass, with the bug ,to a house keeper who was shreeking. The security guard ,George told me to call the front desk to lodge a complaint. I did that. They told me to call later. When I called the Front desk later, they gave me the run around and said I had to talk to Security. I called Security and they told me to call the front desk and ask for MIKE. They connected me to the Front Desk.
I talked to MIKE at the Front Desk and he said I had to talk to Security and transfered me back. I talked to Security and he transfered me back to the Front Desk. Mike said I would have to wait untll Tuesday between the hours of 9 and 4 and talk to Risk Management. I told him I was itching and bleeding and I wanted more than 4 alcohol wipes. Mike said there was nothing he could do. YOU CAN BET I WILL BE CALLING. I HAVE PHOTOS OF THE BUG AND MY BITES. I am very alergic to bites. This was The Worst Holiday of my life. I will never recomend anyone stay at this Property Again. I am now all red in the bite areas. I will get them looked at by a doctor. This is REALLY REALLY BAD BUSINESS. It is clear they know they have a Bed Bug Situation and they don't care.

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I was about to make reservations at the Taj, until I read the bed bug repots on this venue. I will not be staying here or anywhere else in a casino on this strip, until these greedy casinos shut down for a week or so and take care of their bed bug infestation. Its sad to think of the wonderful times we've had in Atlantic City, when the employees of the casinos couldnt do enough for you and now they have a serious problem, and simply ignore the complaints coming into their properties. Its disgus


Former Customer of the Taj.

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bedbubgs do not travel from room to room. they are prob. there. everyone isnt lying.

I stayed at the Chairman Tower 81st floor at Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Hotel in Atlantic Ctiy, New Jersey June 5th-7th 2012 with my friend for a vacation.

I couldn’t sleep from the first night thru next day morning 8am because my body was too much itchy and sting. So I woke up and finally saw Bed Bugs were crawling over my pillows and around my bed. It was the first time I was seen and bitten by Bed Bugs in a nice hotel room such known as 5 stars rated hotel, Trump Taj Mahal Resort Casi

no Hotel.
I took some several pictures of Bed bugs on my bed using my smart phone at that moment.
Bed Bugs bit my forearm, inner side of the arms, elbow, breast, knee, low back.
I didn’t know what kind of bug it is at that time until my friend found the exactly same looking bugs and the same symptoms I had which known as Bed Bug on website.
I walked to the front desk and told them I was bitten by Bed Bugs and couldn’t sleep all night long until this morning 8 am. And then they quickly changed to a new room and called a Hotel Security to me for watching my condition.

Hotel Security and I, my friend went to the previous room where were founded Bed Bugs, then I showed her my wounded body from Bed Bugs and some pictures. She said it was Bed Bugs. She gave me a case number which is going to report to their hotel Risk Management. And also, she wrote to me a medicine is good for insect bites, Benadryl Calamine Lotion. Then she told me I would be okay for a few hours later if I take this medicine, and Bed Bugs are not harmful and dangerous bugs to human. And she said the room will be shut down immediately for two or three days need to have an extermination based on guest’s complaint. And I went to a pharmacy get a medicine and went back to hotel again, had a shower with cold water and took a medicine tried to sleep and tried to forget things happened to me. I trusted her opinion and was waiting for any answer and help from the hotel. I tried to not scratch and take the medicine all day and night but it didn’t work to me. Not at all.

But my symptoms was getting much worse and painful while I was waiting for their help in a next day, couldn’t sleep at all again, I finally recognized I must go to a hospital and it was not a option, not a my choice. I had to go see a doctor in a hospital. . So I called the Hotel Security and told her I need a help and she told me I could go to a hospital under my cost then gave me an extension number to Risk Management if I want to speak to them. I tried to call them many times from 12pm until they closed by 3:30pm but nobody answered even I left voicemail to them at 1pm. And they didn’t call me back until the last day of my stays.

I tried to call them again before I have to check out from the hotel and finally I spoke to a person, Claims Coordinator at the Risk Management. She acted like no big deal and told me, “Many people claimed But Not confirmed ever” She told me I could go to a hospital under my cost and I could do anything on my own free will NOT BE IN CHARGE OF HOTEL RESPONSIBILITY. She told me I could send a hospital bills to them, but they cannot guarantee anything until they are going to review and investigate this matter. And she put me under a lot of stress while we’re talking about this matter with her high-handed manner and hurries in time. First time she answer to me by the phone finally, she said to me I must tell everything in 20 minutes. She disturbed and made an issue of my pronunciations every time I tried to tell her. I became depressed because she was not ready to listening their hotel guest’s pain and inconvenience what happened to me in this hotel under their Failure of the Management. They disregard the fact and avoided my damages while I have been suffering from this matter where Bed Bugs were in their hotel room, Trump Taj Mahal Hotel, AC, New Jersey.
I went to a hospital immediately since I talked with someone (Actually, I remember everyone’s name exactly who I spoke with), and A Doctor saw my wounded body from Bed Bugs, and pictures too. She said to me it was right, Bed Bugs. She gave me a two different medicines and a doctor note, prescription.

After home, I received the letter from the Risk Management, Trump Taj Mahal. According to this letter, they said, “The results of this independent inspection confirmed that there was absolutely no evidence of any bed bug activity. We can guarantee that we do not have any infestation at our hotel since we have an independent pest control contracted and on site daily. … Your claim is respectfully denied. .. “

Now I see it, this is the way how they act and care their hotel guest, customer who was bitten by bed bugs in their hotel room, their property, their management and responsibility.

I and friend had plans for swimming at beach, fishing nearby and having some spa services at vask spa at revel hotel. But I was locked in a hotel room like a prisoner without any fault of mine, with terrible pain and sleeplessness cause by bed bugs while I stayed at your hotel room.
The purpose of this trip was completely ruined and there were only poor sleeplessness suffering in 3 night and 4 days.

The first time, I was bitten by bed bugs, I didn’t know anything what I supposed to do, so I was waiting for hotel’s help but they didn’t answer to me until I kept calling on my last day of stays.
I tried to do my best since I was infested from bed bugs because I didn’t want to ruin my vacation. That’s why I followed hotel security’s guide, took a medicine, tried to sleep, I have done everything without any complaint and any help from them until I talked with the Risk Department. But finally I knew that I was good man and they not.
They didn’t do anything to me except avoiding their hotel guest’s all damages cause from their faults of management. And most of people in hotel employees I met and I spoke, their attitude was so bad, rude and neglect. They didn’t treat me like a valuable hotel guest like how their hotel is valuable and well known by the press and people.

They treat me like an unnatural alien not speaking English well even thou they understand everything I said and what I did they spoke to me. I was just too tired at that moment because I was awakening last for 3 nights and 4 days and they knew it everything. But they didn’t care anything of my inconvenience. They just kept reacting so defensively whenever I tried to talk this.

I didn’t want that money right away when I started to talk with the Risk Management.
I just wanted to know how they would care about this matter, and let me know like a safety precautions and after. But they didn’t explain to me nothing what I needed to listen for.

According to this letter, they denied my claim because of no evidence they’ve not found under their independent pest control.
By the way, I have obvious evidence. I have some pictures and a prescription. And now I’m still itching, painful and hard to sleep even thou I take all the medicines and I don’t know when this nightmare will be done. I cleaned all clothes and threw away items can not wash.

Hotel Owner or Manager, they should admit their two huge responsibilities and failed to manage their hotel.
: 1. Failed to the heath and sanitary of the hotel.
2. Failed to manage and educate their hotel employees how to care your hotel guest properly.

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Stayed at the Taj Mahal Friday night June 8, 2012 in Chairman Towers. Beautiful room, Very Clean, no BEDBUGS!

Slept in room 6909 Chairman Tower on May 17 & 18 of 2012 and it was clean and no bed bugs or bites.

Stayed at the Chairman Towers May 2-5, 2012
Woke up at 2:30 am couldn't sleep went to bathroom laid back down and finally turned light on at 3 am. Bed bugs were all over my pillows and around my bed. Jumped in hot shower and called desk. Sent security guard up to file incident report and moved me to another room. Never told me any precautions for the new room. Hotel acted like no big deal and everything would be fine. Spoke to risk management next day and she acted like no big deal that I

just needed to wrap my suitcases and wash my clothes. She was not concerned about my friends that we were all in seperate rooms and riding home together in same vehicle. She made me sign a waiver so I could at least get my room paid for. Luckily one of my friends brothers works for Erlich and he provided us with some treatment strips. We had to throw away our luggage, and treat everything! We had a horrible experience. I stayed in the Chairman tower the year before and didn't have a problem but after this experience I will never be back. I had never heard of this registry but now I will check it before I go anywhere!

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To the person that made the last post who is obviously some employee at TRUMP....You are dumber than a bucket of rocks. Bedbug bites itch, VERY badly. Just google it and you will find tons of information about it....idiot.


Stayed in the chairman tower december 20-21 2011, no sign of bed bugs.

on 2/3/12 i stayed trump taj mahal for two nights the first night i kept itching all night, silly me i see a nice clean room at trump and took for granted that there were no bugs, the second night i itched all night, i finally got up around 445am and decided to search the bed and dicovered bed bugs bites were all over my back,i got up and jump into the showers, went down stairs around 5 or 530am to report the bugs and the mgr and security act if though its the first time they ever heard of bedbu

gs, i was told they were going to investigate, well a week later i received a letter from risk mgnt telling me no bugs were found, and my claim was denied. i just wanted them to cover the medical bills and the clothe i had to throw out. i am disapointed in their customer service.when i came to trump i was fine when i left i was bitten, and itchey.

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10/1/2011 to 10/2/2011, Stayed at Chairman Tower room, 63rd floor, non-smoking. ZERO bed bugs. The room was exceptionally clean and quiet. I was extremely worried about bed bugs judging from some of the reports. It is not fair to report this particular hotel as having bed bugs however I cannot account for the older section of the hotel. I can attest to the rude staff members who seem to have a constant attitude problem. Bed Bugs probably up their butts? Regardless, the rooms were clean and I enj

oyed my time in spite of the staff.

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taj mahal has bed bugs and could care less,,,not caring at all.. my family foiund one craling on the counter and put a glass over it and then my niece got bite on her leg security came up made them wait in the hallway for 45 minutes offered another room but at this point the damage was already done.. all there belongings needed top be thrown out,taj just did not care ( makes you wonder they have this problem for sometime) they were just down right nasty...
june 2011

stayed at Trump Taj Mahal in September of 2010. Saw bugs crawling on the lamp when we woke up in the morning. No bites. Not sure if the bugs were bed bugs or not but either way it was disgusting. Customer service there is non-existent. Will not be back.

My husband and I stayed at the Taj on March 21 to 25, 2011. We stayed on the 10th floor (elevator button says 20th)

We did not find any bedbugs.

My husband and I stayed at the Taj Mhal Feb 23-25th 2011 on the 18th floor. I took a proactive stance and did a thorough inspection of the bedding,mattress and wall behind the headboard and am happy to report that there were no bedbugs. We continued to keep our suitcase and coats in the closet as there was not a luggage rack in the room.

We stayed at Taj, 10-5 one night, checked out 10-6, suite on 21st floor, old tower, no sign of bedbugs. We never put our luggage on the floor or the bed, always on the table or lugggage rack. Never put clothing in the dresser, always hang them, enclosed in garment bag. No signs of bedbugs this stay, but it did cross my mind.

My girlfriend and I stayed on the 79th floor on Halloween night and we had absolutely no trouble with our room...bugs or anything. Once we entered our room we scoured every inch of it, and it was clean. Cleaner than clean. I've never been in such a nice and lavish hotel room haha

I was there this past weekend and there were no bedbugs or signs that there had been bedbugs in my room at all. Perfectly clean slate. Glad to see it!

I stayed at the Taj Mahal this past weekend (10/7, 10/8 and 10/9 2010). This was in a regular room on the 36th floor. I thought it was just me when I woke up scratching on the first night-- had unusual bug bites, but fluffed them off as just my morning- I found the little critters in the bed... Called security immedialty and caught a few in the glasses they give you in the in-room bar. Security came up, took a report, didn't even bother to look at the bugs (this was a telling

sign that the little critters had struck before). Security assigned me a 'risk management' number and told me it would take 3 days to process it in their database. I asked the security guard if they have recieved similar reports, and she avoided my question multiple times just looking at me and smiling. I'm not sure what to do from here, just call my doctor and get a copy of that report...the bites are uncomfortable!

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On the morning of August 6th, I was staying at the Trump Taj Mahal with my girlfriend and 6 month old son, when we noticed red marks on my arm and on his legs and back. We confirmed that there were bedbugs when we found a dead one on the sheet. This was in the newly opened Chairman Tower.

Again, we encountered them in a different room in the same hotel 2 weeks later.

We notified the hotel timses, they sent security to our room and filed a report. To my knowledge this hotel is not acting on

these reports and has not shut down ever for an extermination of all rooms to eradicate the problem.


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