Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino
Mississippi Ave
Atlantic City, NJ

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Bed Bug Bites staying at this place last night.... better have not brought them home with us.

just got bit 3 bites in succession on my lower calf while in the bed of room 587. They arent doing shit about it so im calling my attorney asap..they are rude and heartless and think im a joke...we will see who laughs last on this one! does anyone have a lawyer that sued these a holes yet?

We believe that we now have bed bugs from staying at Trump Plaza. We stayed there a few weeks ago and after returning home started to notice bites on our arms and legs. If we can prove that is where they came from, we're sueing for damages. We now have to hire someone to come in and get rid of them. Who knows how much the cost is going to be and if we can get rid of them on the first round of treatment. Thanks Plaza!

I wish there was an option to not even give Trump Plaza any "stars" or circles, whichever is the case on here. My friends and I purchased a LivingSocial deal for a two night stay (Fri & Sat night) at a really great price. We were so excited because we were all bridesmaids for an upcoming wedding and we thought it would be a great idea to use this as a weekend getaway for the bachelorette party. Boy were we wrong.

We stayed from Friday, September 28th and checked out Sunday, September 30th. Fr

iday night we checked in around approx. 8:30pm. We were all so excited to get our weekend started and treat the bride to a weekend she would never forget. None of us had stayed at the Trump Plaza prior to our visit, but we all had high hopes since it was under the Trump name.

Upon arriving in our room, room 1823, we noticed a smokey, dusty smell to it. We laughed it off, after all we aren't room snobs, and we understand that some rooms may have been used for Smoking at some point. We put our belongings down, and had to quickly get ready because we had dinner reservations at 9:15pm. We left our room happy, excited and satisfied. We returned to the room at around 1:00am after a little gambling and a drink at the Liquid Bar. We were taking pictures, laughing, smiling. We were off to a great start! That was until we noticed we weren’t alone.....

We noticed a small, reddish-brown bug crawling on the sides of one of the beds. We all screamed, like girls do, but then laughed because what was this puny little bug really going to do to us? No more than 5 minutes later, we noticed a second bug! The exact same bug. That's when the fear set in for me...could it be a bed bug? God, I hope not. I started going through the bed bug description checklist in my it reddish-brown? Check. Is it the size of an apple seed? Check. When I Google a picture of a bed bug, does it look like one? Check. Is there another one crawling on the ceiling as I'm noticing this one? CHECK.

I immediately told all the girls to get their belongings off the floor and beds ASAP! I grabbed the phone, called the front desk and told them what was happening. As I was on the phone, ANOTHER bug appeared. I couldn't comprehend what was happening! The girl at the front desk put me on hold for 2 minutes, then apologized and asked me to come down to switch the room. We rolled out of room 1823 faster than you can say the word Potato.

The girls at the front desk were apologetic. When I questioned if Bed Bugs were an issue at the Plaza the girl said, "Oh we don't know, we're only at the front desk." What sense does that make? Wouldn't they be the ones filtering most of the complaints? Fine, moving on. The next room we were given was room 2911. We were happy to know that this was a completely different floor. When we arrived we left ALL of our belongings outside in the hall while we thoroughly inspected our new room. This one smelled even worst. We peeled through the sheets, dreading what we would find. Much to our dismay, we found tons of stains on the sheets, most of which looking like the fecal droppings of bed bugs. In one of the beds we even found a 'chunk' of thick, black hair. GROSS. Sure enough after 5 minutes of being in the room searching, my friend pointed out more of our little pesty "friends" crawling on the headboard!! Seriously!! How many health code violations are we going to have to deal with tonight? It was 2:30am and we still didn’t have a room to sleep in.

Another girl in the group decided she was going to go right down to the front desk to complain. As she did this, my other two friends and I decided we would start going through our luggage…afterall we did have it out in the first room. There we were, spread out in front of the elevators on the 29th floor, rummaging through our clothes and belongings, praying that we wouldn’t find any of these known travelers. Sure enough, I did.

As I was going piece by piece through the clothing in my luggage, I found a bed bug clinging on to the gray yoga pants that I had sitting on the floor next to the bed. Disgusting, not to mention absolutely terrifying. If you know anything about bed bugs, you know that once you bring them home with you, they are nearly impossible to get rid of. Such a hassle, not to mention possibly expensive. I threw those pants right into the garbage, took the rest of my clothes out and threw my actual luggage in there as well. This is one souvenir that I wanted NO part of.

My friend met us back at the 29th floor to tell as that she spoke with a Manager, Dave, and he moved us into a Suite in the East Tower. He also gave us $40 in food vouchers. Food vouchers, really? Whatever, no point in arguing at 3:00am with someone. We then were on our way, lugging all of things through the lobby, completely miserable and exhausted. We arrive to our room, 1190, and begin our thorough investigation. We finally seem to be in the clear. We put everything into the bathroom, went piece by piece again through all of our things, and find no visible bed bugs.

So at 3:30am, after a night of bed bugs and filth, do we go to sleep? Of course not. We stay up, sitting in our beds, shifting our eyes every time we think we see something move and scratching every inch of our bodies because the thought of bed bugs on you, biting you, is enough to make your skin crawl.

The next morning we decided we were not yet finished with the Trump Plaza management. We went downstairs and spoke with manager Linda at the front desk about our experience. The first thing she asks is if we filled out a report. What report? Here we go. We told her No. She explained to us that Dave, the MOD last night should have given us a security officer to fill out a report with, and they were supposed to go to our room last night to collect samples and take action. Well Dave did none of this. Annoyed, I started venting to Linda about what an awful experience we had and she offered in return for us to fill out the report, have $100 food credit to the café (Oh boy, more food) and have two complimentary nights on them (SUN-THURS of course). We declined the complimentary stay. We told Linda that we would never be returning to the Plaza again. We then asked her to comp our rooms. She said that she would have, HOWEVER, because we purchased the deal through LivingSocial and it was already paid to them, she could not do so. Great, I guess that will have to wait until Monday.
After filling out the report with Officer Browning, he explained I would then have to call their Risk Management office approx. 3-4 days later. Awesome, yet another thing I’ll have to be dealing with when I get home.

So here we are now. It’s Tuesday, October 2, 2012. Sunday was spent thoroughly cleaning all of our clothes, washing on high heat and drying on high heat. I’m pretty sure all the clothes I brought will only fit a toddler now because of the shrinking damage that causes. I can barely sleep, worrying over and over that I could have missed a bug or eggs somewhere.

Though we did have a good time going out Saturday night, taking the Bride to Harrah’s for her Bachelorette party, I think I can suffice it to say that the Trump Plaza ruined what was supposed to be one of the best weekends of her life. The word disappointed doesn’t even cut it. I can’t believe I wasted a dime on such a filthy, horribly ran establishment.

To anyone who is planning to stay in the hotel, please heed my warnings. Thoroughly search your room before you bring ANY of your luggage in there. If you find bed bugs, get a manager and a member of security up there immediately. What I have also found is that there are sites, such as that warn you of problems in hotels before you arrive. Please please please do your research before even considering this place. I would never want anyone to have to go through what we went through. It is a dump and I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. Stay away.

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we stayed at trump between 7/8/2012- 7/11/2012 I checked the room good well at least i thought. Me and my husband went to bed around midnight when i saw on the sheet a bed bug. i went right to the front desk they sent security up to our room to take the report. they moved our room and gave us a meal comp. nice, however i am still freaked out. i just hope no bugs came home with us

June 19, 2012. Did not see them, but woke up with 3 bites on my arms. figured mosquito at first. these bite marks we smaller than mosquito bites. took an afternoon nap and woke with 5 more bites including my legs which were covered by blankets, mosquito couldn't have bitten though blankets. Looked up bite marks on google image and the looke exactly like bed bug bites. Room 2726. I notified the desk manager and was given a new room. Can not confirm, didnt actually see the bug. I did not search th

e room, i just packed quick and got out. i was assured that matress and box were going to be trashed and room would be sprayed by pest control.

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Stayed at the trump plaza 6/17 - 6/18
Woke at seven n opened the curtain to let the light in
And while laying on the bed I noticed what I thought was a spider run across my pillow
After further looking I found it to be a bed bug
I caught it in a ziplock bag
Security and risk management came n spoke with us
RM dude was happy to get The bug in his possession
And leave the room
While security dude filled out sum bogus form which he said didn't mean anything
They moved u's and gave us 80 d

ollars for food coupons

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Just returned from the Trump Plaza and am happy to report NO BEDBUGS!!(AND I CHECKED)


AJ you are so right,I was a little concerned about going this year,I know there were no problems May 2010 when we where. Then again this year we encounterd no problems.

Proceed with caution with such comments. Please note that the comment by Jeff on 12/4/10 is almost verbatim to the comments made by Tiffany and Ralph regarding the Days Inn on 1/20/08. Read both for yourself and I'm sure that you'll agree that some people are just not honest and are only trying to scam a free room or bad mouth a competitor.

Just returned from Trump Plaza Hotel 07/7-9/11 Happy to report no sign of any bed bugs.

weekend 6/10-12/11--noticed red bumps on face, neck when I woke up. Became worse and noticed more itchy red bites when I got home. Did not think it was bed bugs, so I did not check. Now I am sure it is them.

i stayed in the trump plaza march 18th 2011. When i got home the next day i noticed a slightly itchy red spot on my right arm, and a smaller one on my left arm. When i was in the hotel room i never checked the bed for any bugs, this mite not be bed bug bights and i hope not but after seeing these other reports i hope i didnt bring n e home with me !!! Soo fuckin pissed offffff

There's no shame in getting these bugs, but there IS shame in keeping them, and doing NOTHING to rid these pests from their hotel. That is unacceptable, and it sounds like they are taking this with a grain of salt. Shame on this hotel for not doing anything to rid this problem.

On November 23, 2010 my family checked into the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for two joining rooms per our request. We have a 20yr old special needs daughter that is highly medicated and also under physician care. At 1:30am our daughter woke up SCREAMING, "Something is biting me, something is biting me". We ripped the sheets off her to find her bed infested with bed bugs along with tons of their babies. She has bites all over her arms and stomach. I spent all night checking her over and over alo

ng with comforting her from being traumatized from this ordeal. We called the front desk immediately and the clerk on duty came to the room to witness the bugs which he took a sample of (we also took some bugs and closed packaging along with pictures of the infested bed). He told us that we could have a room on another floor which then would split our family up. We had to pack up my daughter and mother at 2am and move them to another room and floor. We spent the rest of the night in there room comforting our daughter. No one slept or felt comfortable sitting or laying on a thing. It was 2am and there was no way we would be able to drive 4 hours back home. We waited until day break to return home. In the midst of checking out we attempted to have our rooms refunded to us and the only thing the Front Desk would do was give us one room refund. THAT WAS ALL!!!! I can't believe that the Trump Organization could be so inconsiderate, we now have the responsibility to a doctor to have these insect bites examined, we also made an appointment for her to see her psychiatrist to council her on this dramatic situation. I am considering speaking to an attorney about this situation and certainly going to report this to the Atlantic Department of Health and Welfare.

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stayed there on 10/8/10, woke up at 1 am, felt something, turned the light on and found about 6 bugs in the bed, room 2381. horrible experience. i would stay somewhere else..

Came home with bedbugs in my luggage. Found them when unpacking. Only stayed at one hotel.

I stayed there a few weeks ago. Recently found a bedbug and I am trying to retrace my steps. could have picked it up somewhere else though..

got bit to death here.

I found them in my home & one in my suitcase. The Plaza is the only place I stay overnite. I have been staying there for years. Noticed them in my bed at home after staying in room 2425. I know the hotel is very clean. Evidently, a previous guest had them in their belongings.

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