Tropicana Casino and Resort
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Spent a night there on may 3rd. Some of us slept under the sheets while others didn't. The few of us that did sleep under the sheets had bite marks all over us. One of us woke up sick since they had an allergy to certain bug bites

Stayed in the Havana Tower over Halloween weekend. Bites appeared after I got home a couple days later. Had them every where, head to toe. Took over a month for all of them to go away. Place is a cesspool and needs serious work.

Stayed in room 2187 a few weeks ago. Several days after getting home found about 8-12 bites on my left arm and spouses right arm. Not happy at all!!! Grossssssss!!!!!!

I stayed on the 39th floor of the south tower. I did not check for bed bugs. Bites appeared 3 days later. Beware!

Stayed at Trop on March 16, 2013 for one night and within a couple of weeks after I found out we had a bedbug issue at our home. That's the last time I will be staying at a casino hotel!

Stayed at Tropicana Havana Tower room 2629 May 2-5 as I was helping to instruct at a seminar there. Stupidly didn't check the room as it was late when we got in. Won't make that mistake again. A few days later started breaking out in multiple groups of itchy bug bites all over my arms. Every day for the next 4days, multiple groups of new welts appeared. Called several exterminators who said that it can take up to 10-14 days for welts to surface in some people and certainly 5 days after expo

sure to bed bugs was very common. Cost me almost $700 to have someone come check out my house and treat for bed bugs yesterday! On inspection my suitcase came up positive for the critters and the only place that suitcase and I have been was the Tropicana, so...have a call in to the hotel manager to report the incident....

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I have stayed at the Tropicana numerous times and did not have a problem until my recent stay on June 13th. I was in room 4504, West Tower. I woke up the next morning with bites on my face and arms. I went to the hotel lobby and was told another room would not be ready for about an hour. I spoke to the manager, Chris McDowell who gave me another room, however, I left a room with a beach and bay view, and was moved to a room overlooking the garage, no view whatsoever, and the curtains were ha

nging off of the hooks and the room was dark and dreary. He advised he could not move me for an hour or two. I did not want to wait as I did not want to return to the original room, and just wanted a shower as I itched all over. He did not seem to care when I told him I was then going to check out and that he ruined my entire weekend. I filed a report with a security guard, but he just wrote notes down in a little notebook. I also was given a bill and when I refused to pay for a ruined weekend and bug bites all over he said I had to pay!!!! I will take that up with my credit card company, and will also post bedbug reports all over the internet!

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Stayed at the Tropicana for one night in the "NEW" tower. Looked more run down and my "non-smoking" room smelled like smoke. I woke up with a series of bites on my stomach. I wasn't able to find any bugs in the bed, but I didn't really know how to look. Be careful!

Stayed at Tropicana November 8 to 10 on the 9th floor of the North Tower. Rooms were pretty outdated but looked generally clean. No bedbugs. However, this morning before checking out, we had a mouse. It scurried from under the bed to the draperies. Immediately called management and was told they would give me a $40 credit pending investigation. We filed a security report with the officer and he told us that they usually have reports of mice on the lower floors. How disgusting. Before we

left the hotel, we demanded our stay be comped and they complied. Will never stay at Tropicana again. Had to put all our things in plastic bags and shake them outside before bringing them in.

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Checked into our room on the 12th floor of the south tower on Monday, May 23 and after a thorough check of the room from top to bottom and all cracks and crevices I found 0 bedbugs and no indication that there had previously been any in the room.

i stay at tropicana all the time in all different levels or rooms ...Never saw a bedbug ,and i aways check for them ....robert Wayne NJ

We just stayed on the 14th floor of the North Tower which is one of the older towers in the Tropicana complex. I immediately inspected the room for bed bugs, but Luckily, we found no evidence of them. The room/carpet/windows weren't that clean though. We almost didn't even go to Atlantic City due to the reports.

I stayed at the Tropicana last night and I inspected the room very well for bed bugs (stripped the bed, checked the mattress, box spring, and behind the head board) and found no concrete evidence of the nasty critters. I did not sleep well because of the number of reports of them there but awoke with no bites or signs of the bugs.

I will say, the hotel is very crowded and busy so it is a breeding ground for them. Also, the rooms (we stayed in the West Tower) are filthy so I would not be sur

prised if all of the reports below are true of bed bugs. I would not stay at this hotel in the future nor would I advise anyone to stay here. Stay at a higher class place like Harrah's or Caeser's.

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Spent the night at the Trop on December 13th. Four couples went. Each couple had a room. We all checked our rooms and didn't see anyhing. Three of the rooms were in the West Tower and the other in the Havana. Our room was very clean and bedbug free! So were the others! We were very satisfied with our stay.

I am not sure what room these people stayed in but I was just at the Tropicana Hotel on November 26th and November 27th and no problems what so ever with bedbugs. We had 2 rooms in 2 different towers. We checked our beds and the rooms immediately upon check in. There were no signs of bedbugs in either room. I did not hear any talk of of bedbugs from any other guests during our stay. I think people are getting a little crazy with this bedbug situation because alot of people are just trying to get

something for free. I assure you the Tropicana's rooms were very clean and the beds were extremely clean no stains on the sheets nor any hair like people are stating. We read all of these post prior to our trip but decided to go and see for ourselves. If we would have encounter any bedbugs we would have just turned around and drove back home but we didnt and it was a very nice relaxing weekend. If anyone is thinking of taking a trip to the Tropicana do not let what people are saying on here discourage you. Take the trip and find out for yourself if there are any bedbugs. I bet you will not find any. I just thought I would post something positive as everyone is posting all these negative things about Tropicana when it is a very nice CLEAN place.

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I assure you the comfort of our guests is extremely important to us, and we take any issues regarding bedbugs very seriously. We have extensive training for our housekeeping staff, we conduct thorough inspections, and we promptly address any incidents. We have hotel representatives available 24 hours a day to assist our customers.

Karen Curley
AVP of Resort Operations
Tropicana Casino & Resort

We booked two adjoining rooms in the Tropicana's West Tower on Oct. 22, 2010. We went out for our friend's birthday and around 0130, said friend went back to room since she wasn't feeling well. When she went to get in bed she pulled the covers back and found three bed bugs. Luckily, she was able to get a picture of one before they scattered. She called us to let us know what she found and then went to the front desk to notify them of the problem. We arrived back at the room and proceeded to stri

p the bed as did the security officer the front desk sent up. Granted at that time we did not find any, but our friend did have a clear picture of one in the bed. I took the picture down to the front desk and asked for the manager. In front of the filled lobby of guests checking in, I proceeded to explain what I had found in my bed and that I had picture proof. The manager only offered to move one of our rooms and to me that was just more of an inconvience to me. I was not happy with them only offering to move one room and at only a 15% discount. I asked to be left in the noninfested room and to remove the infested room off my bill. They refused. Not only did I waste my night fighting with the manager but the Tropicana wanted to further inconvience me by moving my guests and I at 0300 and make me pay for the inconvience. The Trop was not interested in fixing the problem to the customer's satisfaction at all. I will be emailing the General Manager this week and if need be will contact the news and the board of health.

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My Mom and I placed reservations to stay at the Tropicana on 09-13-10 and 09-14-10. We were already aware of bedbugs and figured we would check the room before we would sleep in the beds. Immediately after checking in we inspected both queen beds. Within 5 minutes I found a bedbug crawling in the sheets. The other bed was filthy with hair and dirt and what appeared to be blood marks from the bedbugs. We called down to the front desk to inform them we wanted a refund and would not be staying

there. We were initially told that they would give us a room in the Havana Tower and move us out of the West Tower. We were told it is not their policy to refund us the money. I informed the "supervisor" that I would love to show her the bug and that we will NOT be paying for the room at which point she put me on hold, then agreed to refund us. Not ONE person apologized for the bugs. We ending up getting a room at the Borgata which was wonderful!

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I stayed at the Trop 7/29 - 7/31. Despite warnings I neglected to check the mattress before getting in. On the morning I was leaving, I felt the slightest tickle on my arm. It was a bug! It was still light colored so it hadn't feasted just yet.
Like bedbugs, it wasn't so easy to squish the little sucker either. When we complained, management wanted the actual bug. Of course it was already squished inside a tissue so we couldn't prove bedbugs.
No wonder they are going bankrupt! This hotel

really does not care at all. I'll cough up a few extra dollars next time.
When I got home I sprayed my bags and laundered my clothes the same day.

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I stayed here Feb 09' because there was a nursing convention I had to attend at this site so I thought booking a room here wouldn't be bad, since I haven't been to AC before and don't know which hotels are good.. To my surprise the day I was leaving I had three red bumps in a line on my arm that were very itchy. I left the hotel, put all my clothes in a bag and left it out during the winter for weeks. My friend is an exterminator and has said many of his clients stayed at the Tropicana and now

have bedbugs.. So not staying there ever!

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My husband and I booked a room at the Tropicana for the night. We were in room 3121. When we got into the room, I peeled the bed apart to check for bed bugs. One bug crawled across the sheets, my husband spotted it. We put it in a zip lock bag and brought it down to the front desk. We asked to be moved to a different room on a different floor which we were. When we went to take a shower in the new room, the water was cold, and would not get hot. Upon inspecting that room, we di

d not see any bed bugs. I called the Tropicana this morning to file a complaint and to ask to be reimbursed for our room. The lady I spoke to asked me if I filed a complaint with hotel security...really hotel security?? She then said that she may not be able to reimburse me because I did not file a claim with security,I told the that bringing the bug down to the front desk in a bag is proof enough, and that the individual at the front desk did not tell me to speak with security. I did file a claim today over the phone...We will NEVER STAY AT THE TROPICANA AGAIN! DISGUISTING....! WE KNEW THE PLACE HAD GONE DOWNHILL- BUT NOW IT IS DOWNRIGHT FILTHY!!!!

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My daughter & her fam. stayed at the Trop Aug. 8,9,10th. The first room they put them in was visibily dirty. Upon complaint, they were moved. The next room was not much better, but they were exhausted (2 children-3yrs. & 8 mos.). They started to notice marks on everyone second day but NEVER suspected bedbugs! They hadn't heard of the outbreak. They didn't follow-up with complaints as my daughter had read on another website how rude people at Trop were when comfronted with problem. She had enoug

h to do controlling problem. Needless to say Trop is off limits to us!!!!!!

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On 4/25/2010, my family stayed in the west towers as a comp room for my daughter's confirmation. We had a wonderful dinner at the Palms--The next morning we checked out and during the car ride home my daughter's friend thought she had a tick crawling up her shirt. I put it in a tissue and it looked like a baby roach-- Unfortunately--2 days later I noticed 15 itchy bite marks starting at my left hand, up my arm down my waist upto my face, ears and head. Went to doctor---confirmed---breakfast,

lunch, and dinner bites (3 in a row)---bed bugs. Reported to security to shut room 4026 west tower down five days after my stay. Received no apologies--nor as of 7/9/2010 is there any record of the room being shut down. My daughter also was bitten and looked quite nice with her prom dress a week later!!!!!!!

I am in the fashion industry and I am now scarred with holes up and down my arms. I was told by the trop security that they had no reports of this--read the internet---problem still exists from 2008-2009.

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Since Feb 2009 to today June 27 2009.. I was visiting my bro in ac. INLET TOWERS 220 N. NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE...
OMG I "never" saw a bed bug in my lifetime at 45!!!

I was born in AC and we never had such problems! Ever!

Inlet Towers is a place for the elderly and disabled.
The residents are full of bite marks!!!!!

In feb 09 my Bros apt tested positive for bed bugs. Management of Inlet Tower has failed to exterminate his apt since Feb 09.

The bugs jump on visiters and move apt to


ON June 6th 09
I was cleaning my bros apt and put 30-of these suckers in a bottle to show managemet. Then cleaned the entire apt with bleach. (apparently these bugs don't care how clean or messy u are) becuase more came back the next day!!! [[[An elder suggested using leamon-amonia. Said it works for her, mostly]]

My personal body is full of marks that wont go away for 2-weeks now.

A elderly black woman showed me her arms...
OMG her whole body was full of dark dots from the bite marks!!!!!!!!

As of today... June 27 2009
management of inlet towers has failed to exterminate the 10th, 11th 14th floors.

There was a bed ridden man that had to be taken to ER for bed bug bites he had so many of them!!!

People... This is sick!
The housing authority KNOWS about the problem and IS NOT fixing this.

So how did these buggers get to the trop?
They probably hitched hiked on a body from the inlet where the poor live.

If u want the casinos clean...


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my husband and i went to the tropicana in atlantic city in december 2008. when we arrived home, i noticed bumps on my calves, hands and arms. they were very itchy and bled easily when i scratched them. it is now 2 months later and i still have the same bumps and they get itchy from time to time. i hope they do not leave a scar. it is very unsightly and i am very upset with tropicana. i'm sorry, i don't know the room number, but it was on the 14th floor. i am now very hesitant to stay at any hote


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I went with my husband and children to the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City NJ on June 1 2008 for the day. While I was in the casino my children were watching a movie with my husband in the room. When we got home that night my son complained his arms were itching and when I looked at his body I noticed bumps also on his back and stomach. I took him to the Doctor who confirmed my suspician bed bugs!! Took a month to go away. Very annoying imagine how bad it would have been if we actually stayed o


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I slept there the night of June 15, 2008 and woke up with numerous bite marks on my legs. When I called the hotel staff to report this I was not given an apology. As a matter of fact, I was treated somewhat rudely by the hotel staff over the phone.

It was Feb. 18th I got up scratching my ankles and the itching moved up to the upper part of my leg and it began to turn red. Tuesday morning, I got up and it was really hurting, and it began to swell, and got redder. I went to the emergency room on Feb. 19th, and I was admitted, and the doctor said I had cellulitis. and I stayed in the hospital for 6 days. I was released on the 25 of Feb. where i was given antibiotics on my releaes from the hospital, where I had to stay off of work for 5 days.

We stayed in a suite the night after christmas into the next 2 days. We were in room 5601, a handicapped room and it was beautiful. Once we came home we noticed bumps all over our bodies. My boyfriend has them all over his legs, and mine are all over my stomach and chest. now, almost a month later we are still stuck with these marks. I scratch constantly and its almost impossible to get rid of them. Find a clean hotel without bugs.

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