Showboat Casino Hotel Atlantic City
Po Box 840
Atlantic City, NJ

Found 4 reports:

9/30/2013 spent one night there and got bit by a bedbug & now have to get them out of my apartment at my own expenses

Spent the night 10/14/11. Checked around before placing any of my belongings in the room. No signs under or around the bed, headboard, floors, walls. It's been a week. No signs of bites!! Thank God. My brother was also there, different room, different floor. No signs of bugs. No bites.

Spent three nights here July 27th-29th 2011 with three friends, and none of us had any bites, and there were no signs of bedbugs that I could see.

October, 2009 I spent the night here in their hotel.The next night home, I noticed these awful bites on my ankles, feet and arms...Doctor determined it was bed bugs and it had to be from here. So grossed out!

No nearby bug reports