Sheraton Atlantic City Hotel
2 Miss America Way
Atlantic City, NJ

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We stayed on Oct 10th 2015, we had planned on staying two nights but when my husband woke up he said he saw a bug crawling on him so he got up and woke me up, there was a streak of blood on our sheets and my leg was itchy. My husband began to inspect the bed and saw a bed bug on his pillow. We brought it down to the front desk manager who said nothing about refunding us a stay or even confirming anything. We showed him pictures and the bug in a napkin but he said the policy is they would investi

gate and let us know in a few days. We did not stay the entire weekend. After a few days I called them back and spoke with someone who said they get reports like this all the time but an investigation was done and they said it was not bed bugs and we should be happy. I do not believe that at all, I have reached out to the Corporate Offices and I am awaiting their response.

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I checked in on Friday, January 16th and on Sunday morning, January 18th, we detected what we feel was a bed bug. It was crawling on the side of mattress. We took a photo of it as well as kept it in a napkin and gave it to the head of housekeeping who was very helpful and attentive. She did not state what the bug was, but had us move immediately to another room. They gave me one night free. The proceeded to tell me they would have the room inspected. I received an email today stating it was

inspected by a pest control company and no bed bugs were found. I asked to see the report and they said they could not show it to me as that is hotel policy.

I have a friend who owns a pest control company who in fact confirmed it was a bed bug according to the photo I showed him.

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Stayed here for two nights 12/31/2014 and 1/1/2015. We got bit with over 100 bed bug bites!!! After confronting the manager they confirmed that the room was infested with BED BUGS! We're now living in a nightmare not knowing if we brought these bugs home. Please DO NOT stay at this hotel, there are plenty of clean hotels in AC!!!

7/16-7/17 2012 Was concerned about bed bugs after checking this registry and finding my hotel on the list of bedbug infestations. Before I left for the trip, I watched some videos on Youtube on how to check for bedbugs. Very helpful. I did what they said and am happy to report I did not find any bedbugs in my room/bed/dresser/chair, etc. Best tip from internet that I did: Leave your luggage in your car and bring your flashlite and strip the bed and check the folds in mattress before you bring al

l your stuff in. If you find traces of bedbug feces in the folds (black dots) and carcass shells of dead bugs, ask for another room. It is pretty rare you will ever see an actual bug until about one or two in the morning when they start coming for you. So check for telltale signs they've been there and learn what you are looking for first before you start freaking out that every gnat and beetle is a bed bug. And yes, I've actually had them once and it is living hell. Be safe! Have fun!

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Stayed there for one night 4/21/12 for a college sorority reunion. Woke up in the middle of the night with a bug biting me. I called down and they at first said they had no other rooms to give me and offered to change the sheets. 20 minutes later housekeeping showed up - and handed me one sheet. My friend and I decided to go to the front desk to complain. They moved ended up moving our room 2 more times, once b/c there was only one bed and again b/c the room number did not exist (?). So it was a

fter 2am before we finally got into an appropriate bug-free room. They ended up comping the night for us.

Unfortunately! my husband and I woke up today both with lesions consistent with bed bugs so I just had to call an inspector and pay $125! So it looks like I may have brought home a present from my crappy stay at the Sheraton Atlantic City :-(

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We stayed in this hotel for a competition in Mid August for one night. About a month later, I was complaining about bites which I thought was mosquitoes. Turns out I had bed bugs. It was a nightmare. I do not know if they came from here or not as we stayed in one other hotel in August, but now I wonder as I read the other reports. Had to get rid of entire bed, exterminator come out, and I had to throw away a lot of clothes and other items that could not go through the dryer for heat treatme

nt. Have not been in a hotel since. Very nervous about it!

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Checked in 11/4/11. The first night was fine. The second night woke with several bites. When I returned home I called the hotel. They inspected the room and confirmed there was one bedbug. The hotel refunded the hotel stay, offered a free night stay and indicated that they would pick up the expense if I brought the bugs home. Fortunately I hadn't!

Stayed at the Shearton for 2 nights 10/15 & 10/16. My husband had numerous bites on his back. Notified hotel staff and they were not surprised, stating that they hadn't had any problems "in that room." Already had exterminators coming the next day so it must be a common occurance.

checked in 9/2/2011 and had two rooms, no issues with either. very clean.

Stayed at the Sheraton 3 days 2 nights during 4 th of July. I now have a 1000$ professional pest control bill due to the bed bugs that accompanied me home!
This is the first time I travels and get bed bugs.
I checked when I was there for 4 th of July and did not see anything so please be very careful.

Stayed at this location 8/13 through 8/17. No bedbugs. Room very clean.

Stayed at this hotel for a dance competition on 7/11-7/15 2011. NO BED BUGS noted at all. Also, many other parents stayed at the hotel and no one had any complaints of bed bugs. After reading some of the reviews, I was freaked out and inspected the mattress and sheets carefully upon check in. Nothing in site and no bites after 4 nights! SAFE HOTEL...but always best to check the mattresses at all hotels!

Checked into Room 1108 on 6/16/11. Legs and forearm were seriously bitten (20 or more bite on each thigh, several deep bites and wounds on forearm). Reported problem to staff on 6/18/11 staff did not seem surprised. Said they would send housekeeping to check. On 6/19/11, I filed a formal incident report. Will go to the doctor tomorrow itching is almost unbearable. Stay away.

Checked in yesterday afternoon and went out to a business dinner. Came back at 1am, went to bed, started itching, turned on light and found 4 bedbugs in my bed. Staff not surprised and not very responsive. It took 4 phone calls in the middle of the night before they moved me to another room. I will never stay here again!

This is a definite ongoing problem with this hotel. I found bedbugs here back in 10/08. Thankfully it's the only time I've ever come face to face with one (well actually I came across at least 5 or 6 of different size and age), but I will never travel with out checking hotel rooms again. My stay was before all of the media attention, so it took me killing a couple bugs on the pillows before I really checked them out. When I looked closely, I could tell it was some sort of blood sucking insect an

d a person working the front desk confirmed it was a bedbug. They were very nice about it. They gave me another room, refunded my stay plus gave me bonus Starpoints. But if the hotel employees have known since at least 2008 that they have a problem, it's really disturbing that the manager wouldn't respond at all. If he refuses to acknowledge the problem, I seriously doubt that they've called in professionals. Bed bug infestations don't go away by themselves, they only keep breeding. Stay at your own risk!

It's a real shame because before this stay, I had many great vacations at this hotel.

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Stayed on the 9th floor on 1/30/2011. Room was immaculate, no bugs anywhere. I had checked this site before we left and was disturbed to read what the prior people had experienced. So I was on high alert, and made sure I checked every nook and cranny of my room. If there was a problem they seemed to have fixed it.

Itching like crazzzy! We checked in on new years eve around five, went out to dinner and a club and came back in at three am. By six thirty we were covered in bites and actually captured four bugs! Three were on the bed filled with our blood and the fourth was literally crawling up the wall! We immediatly packed up and headed to the lobby. Even though we had the actual bugs the manager nadire was very unsympathetic and refused to give a refund. He would not look at the bugs but asked if he could

have them. We tried speaking with him for a half hour to no avail and told that an exterminator would have to come in and look and if anything was found he would refund us. I ams 100% that he even though we had the bugs in a zip lock! I paid 400 for room 1138 and slept there for three hours! I will never return to this hotel!

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Got a room (634) for Halloween weekend and immediately upon entering went into mega bedbug checking mode. Checked all over the bed, furniture, closet racks, EVERYWHERE!

Not a single bedbug to be found anywhere. Room was super clean and super comfy. Would definitely book a room there again if I'm back in AC.

I checked in on October 12, and because I am very concerned about bed bugs, I did a thorough inspection. At first I found nothing, but I checked once again before getting into bed and found one bedbug on the side of the box spring, underneath the dust ruffle.
I checked out immediately. The staff was very attentive and responsive, offered to move me to a new room, and even to find me a new hotel.

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