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We stayed for 2 nights in Room 11012, Marina Tower. I found 5 bites on my hands and arms 3 hours after checked out. Thought they were just Mosquito bites because they were not very swollen or itchy. I realized something was not right as they became super red, swollen and itchy the next day morning. I was bitten by bed bugs years ago and they were exactly like this. I called Harrah's but all they did was transferring my call to other people. In the end someone transferred me to Risk mgmt but no o

ne answered the call. I left a message but of course no one called me back. I went to the doctor today and he said it was probably bed bugs. Now I have scheduled the exterminator to check my apt tomorrow and hope I didn't bring anything home. I am going to order a bed bug treatment regardless the checkup result. My hands and arms are swollen like hell now. Googled after this nightmare and found out this website. I am writing so that people who actually check the hotels before they book know that they should stay away from this one as much as possible. From now on, I'll always check before I go anywhere. Really wish there will be a regulation forcing hotels to ensure the environment and protect the guests.

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We stayed at Harrahs in the Bayview tower 12/18/15-12/20/15 on the 11th floor, and Sunday when we were getting ready to leave I went to move the pillows back on the bed and there was a bedbug under the pillow and was already red. I don't know if it bit me or not but it was under my pillow. We caught it in a cup and gave it to the hotel attendant who said they were going to tell the supervisor but nothing happened with me being contacted except that the hotel bill was pretty much free. When we ha

d got there though we had checked under the bed and walls some before because someone staying with me had had a horrible experience with bed bugs years ago from a hotel. When we came home we took as many precautions as we could but this morning, which is the next day I woke up and now have three bites on my neck. 2 on one side and 1 on the other. And now I wish I would of just went right to the supervisor myself!

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I checked in 11/8/2015 It is November 9th 2015 5:20am as i write this i am in a new room. I always stay at Harrah's and this is my first really bad experience. Stayed at waterfront tower room 35087. WOKE up about 3am with itchy hand and I go to bathroom and I had a bite mark. I woke up my fiance and asked him to check bed area for spider. He took sheets off and there was a bug. We grabbed it with a tissue and put in a cup. We called front desk they had me go down fill out incident report aND ge

t new room. Mean while I go back up we change rooms go back down ask for a supervisor only to wait 30 mins for him and our concern is will we be taking anything home or to the new room.Supposed to stay til Wednesday but having hard time sleeping so going to check out in the morning because this is not sitting well with us even after our conversation with manager. Disappointed

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We stayed at Harrahs Friday August 28th to Sunday August 30th. Room 160024 had bed bugs. I filed an incident report and got $100 credit back. Still awaiting a call back from risk management. Hoping nothing was brought home with us but the thought of it still makes me itch all over.

Stayed at Harrahs on June 4th - June 6, 2015. Stayed in the Watertower room 10086. Had two queen beds.
On Saturday, June 6th noticed bites on my stomach, legs, arms, rear and face. Wasn't sure what it was. One Saturday, June 6th went directly to CVS clinic-without going home-they confirmed that it was bed bug bites. The bites are extremely bad. My husband called Harrahs. Received a phone number for Risk Management.
Came home and through out everything - including my suitcase without enteri

ng my house.
Went to Dr. on Monday, June 8th - Dr. gave me cream for rash-need to Dr. again.

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Stayed at Harrahs for my birthday with a group of friends from 6/5/14 to 6/7/14 (4 rooms in total). Normally, I completely pull the sheets back and inspect the beds but with everyone rushing to get my birthday festivities up and running and my boyfriend making jokes about me being so worried I just glanced over the room and moved on from the matter. The first night my boyfriend and I slept in the same bed, the second night I banished him to the second bed because he was intoxicated and I wasn't

willing to risk the possibility of his "misfiring" his vomit during the night. The next morning he woke up with a ton of what we presumed to be mosquito bites from the day before. My friend, who stayed in another room stated that she had some bites as well. So we thought, we probably got them from being "out & about". After returning home these bites seemed to worsen, turning red. Then I found this site. I wish I knew that harrahs had a bed bug problem before we booked out stay or atleast when we initially discovered the bites. Needless to say after doing some researching and actually seeing the bites there's no doubt in my mind that the bites are in fact made from bed bugs. Were currently in the process of blow driving/ washing all of our things and vacuuming our entire house thoroughly. I pray that we didn't bring any home with us.

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Stayed at the Harrahs for two days, Nov.27-29. My guest and I just dropped our luggage and went to gamble. We returned to the room at 4:30 am, while sitting on the toilet noticed a bug after investigation we realized it was a bedbug.we but it in a cup and covered it then took the beds apart and checked for more, we did not find more. When I got up in the morning I had three bits. I thought we checked the room really good, I guess not. I'm afraid to unpack for fesr I might have brought them home

. tried to call front desk no one was answering the phones, left bug in cup and checked out.Shame on the Harrahs.

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Stayed in the waterfront tower and woke up with three bites on my back .. Hoping I didn't bring them home too!


Stayed at the casino, marina tower, wasn't feeling well that day, didn't go out at all. i awoke to a bite. it hurt, so I went to front desk, reported it and then to see the nurse. She documented it was a bite from an insect. Thank goodness, a team of doctors and nurses I know personally were visiting and confirmed it to be a bite from an insect.There were mosquitoes everywhere- I took photos and documented all of it. in the buffet, just a month prior a cockroach was roaming in

the desserts - OMG. Manager reimbursed me for the meal but yuck! Flies were all over the place. Now I have a horrible infection- it's horrid and I'm so upset! The month prior in their other casino--- I found a bed bug Caesars and they quarantined the room. Their properties are not cleaned properly at all- its sad. Now, I'm suffering and yes i am going to do something about it- if I posted the pictures of what this nightmare has turned into you would all gag!

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Me and some friends stayed at the waterfront tower (room 29029 i believe) 29th floor from 6/17-6/19. This room was a smoking room, and had seen better days. On our second day there I had a bite on my finger, but since we were outside the day before I attributed this to a mosquito or other stinging bug. On 6/19 I woke up to checkout and found both my arms covered in bites. Since we were checking out, I figured there was nothing I could do to fix the issue. I didn't immediately put 2 and 2 tog

ether, and never checked my luggage before leaving. I was just glad to get away from the bugs, not even thinking that they would hitch a ride back home with me. During the drive home I finally realized that the bites were likely caused by bed bugs, and figured that if they were in my luggage it was too late. I am home now, and the bites are continuing. I have checked the seams of my matress, bedsheets, all my pillow cases, and under my bed. I still have not seen a bug (in my home or in the room), but whatever it is, it wont leave me alone.

At this point I am hoping that I didn't bring home enough bugs to infest my entire home and I will be able to kill them off. I hope this hotel gets this issue fixed, but either way I won't be staying here again. Especially after reading other guests experiences at this establishment.

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I stayed at Harrah's in the Waterfront Tower on March 29, 2012. I came home with bites on my back. Unfortunately, I unknowningly brought bed bugs ome with me. It took a while before we figured it out. Cost us about $10,000 to solve the problem. Expensive trip to Atlantic City!

Several bites on my arm!!! I have always loved this hotel and we were put in a smoking room and the room was not the best. It was too late to move. I normally bring my own sheets and pillowcases. Glad I did because the pillows were gross! I normally check the bed but my husband thought I was crazy and doesn't believe in bedbugs.

I woke up in the morning with a bite on my neck and sevearal bites on my arm.

We stayed in the Harbour Tower this week and will never return. I wished I had lo

oked into this before going. My husband believes me now!

Check the room. Bring your own sheets and pillow cases. Make sure you keep them seperate from your belongings and keep your luggage off the bed, sofa, floor, etc.!!!!!

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stayed at Harrahs Waterfront Tower 15th floor April 22 till the 24th. The first thing I did was strip the bed and check the mattress, I did not find any bed bugs, thank goodness, I hate staying in hotels, I think they are all dirty and give me the creeps

Brought bed bugs back to my home after staying in the Harbor tower. Be warned, the Public Health Department has many documented reports of bed bugs at this location. Play, but don't stay!

Stayed @ Harrahs 4-5x this year. No problems

Just got back from Harrahs after a 2 night stay in the Marina Tower. Had no problem. But as always I take sheet off bed and check and never have suitcase touch rug.

On September 18, 2011 we stayed in the Harbor Towers. I woke up with bites on my botharms and my hand. They moved us to another room at 5:30 in the morning. There was no nurse available until 8:00 am. I filed an incident report . Now I am spending time blow drying and washing all my belongings to make sure the bugs did not come home with me.
Shame on Harrah's for not dealing with this better.

Stay in Atrumi suites from June 20th to 22nd Had no problems.First thing I do is take sheets off bed and check. Have been going to Harrahs for about 15 years and have never had any problem.

Stayed IN Harrahs June 7th 2011 - in the Tower and had no problem whatsoever.

No evidence of bedbugs in a nice room in Waterfront Tower, 15th floor around June 14. Was scared to stay here for a work event based on prior reports, but carefully inspected everything when I checked in and room and bedding were spotless. No issues with bites. Phew!


I stayed at Harrahs in the Harbour Towers, I went to bed that night and was awoken with a serious itch to my backside. I was scratching like crazy!!! I got up and went to the bathroom and low and behold found 5 bites on my back side. I went back to the bed and found a bed bug crawling across the pillow. I flipped out! I went to the front desk with the bed bug in a cup. They had me see a nurse, filled out an incident report and reported it to Risk Management. Harrahs changed my room

and the 2nd room seemed to be ok. No compensation was given as of yet, Im waiting for their report to be finished to see if they are going to give me compensation.

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2/6/2011...stayed here three nights with no problem in the waterfront tower...I inspected everything and found nothing!

My friend and I checked in Harrah's Casino in the Bay Tower at about 730p on December 29th, 2010. When we arrived in our room, I immediately took the runners off both beds and when i lifted one of them up a bed bug fell out. We placed a cup over it while we called the front desk. They advised us they would send up the housekeeping manager. When the manager arrived he confirmed what we suspected and moved our room and gave us a $50 credit. Our next room was bug free or so we hope.

we stayed Harrahs for 1 night. next day we woke up with bites all over our bodies. i went to the dr. and he confirmed that they were bed bugs bites and gave us cream. I've stayed there many times and this has never happen before.

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