Harbor View Trump Marina
1 Castle Blvd
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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was this recent incident at the golden nugget?

`BED BUGS EVERYWHERE!!! I tried to speak with a manager,and was told "no manager was on duty" They referred to the BED BUGS as "BB's. They never even wrote down, or for that matter asked the room number! They had me speak to security without any results.I was told I would get a follow-up phone call...but of course never did!I fear I may have brought them home,as I have bite marks constantly. They may have renovated,but are loaded with BED BUGS! BEWARE!!! I am heart broken about this problem.I un

derstand it can cost thousands to exterminate my home. :( They did admit to having "BB's",and showed no real concern.It doesn't get any worse than this!!!

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Bedbugs, In my bed way back in 2005. Was offered a buffet dinner for my frightful experience. Never stay there again.

I stayed at the Trump Marina in room 927 overnight from 2/20/10 to 2/21/10. Came up to our room to retire for the night around 1:30am and noticed a bed bug crawling near the pillow on one of our double beds. Upon inspection, we spotted about 6 more. I'm sure there were tons more hiding out. I spent the night sitting on the floor up against the door, trying to stay far away from any furniture, beds, etc. My Aunt reported it to the front desk early in the morning. The said they would send som

eone up. We checked out by 11am, and do not know if anyone actually went up to check it out.

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