Flagship Resort
60 N Maine Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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Yoooo it's like 100000 bedbugs

Before lying down to bed , my son pulled back the blankets to reveal bedbugs . Called front desk and security came and took pictures and took a statement. Security confirmed bedbugs in hotel . Moved our room and the next morning met with security and management , both were very non sypathic , said they could not comp my room , bedbugs were not confirmed they said. Gave me report and number to contact legal dept .......follow up this week

are some of these people sure they did not bring them from home, bed begs just dont grow out of the air in hotels guest BRING them in their luggage and other items they bring from home or where ever,and it is a process to get rid of them you just cant spray.

I stayed at the Flagship Resort on 9/28/12-9/30/12. Let me just warn you, DO NOT STAY AT THIS RESORT! I was there that weekend for a bachelorette party and after going out we came back to the hotel around 3 am. Got ready for bed and then crawled into the bed to go to sleep. After a few minutes, another girl in the room screamed for me to get out of bed. I immediately jumped out and we witnessed the most horrifying sight. You could 6-8 huge bed bugs crawling out from out the bottom of the mattres

s up the sides of the bed. We immediately called the front desk and starting packing up our stuff. They sent a security person who just took a few pictures and our statement and placed us into another room for the night. After that, no one contacted us about the situation. We thought that at least the manager would have reached out to apologize about the situation. It wasn't until several messages to the manager, and physically having to argue at the front desk did they finally agree to compensate us for the 2 nights! They whole time they were nonchalant about the situation. This was not a small incident. It was a full on infestation of bed bugs.

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This place seems to be infested with bed bugs. When my wife and I woke up with several bites and reported it to management, a security officer confided in us that they have several incidents per week! What can or should be done with such an establishment???

When we check ed the mattress, we found several bed bugs in the stiching of the box spring.

I have stayed at the Flagship many many times and never encountered any bedbugs. The last time I was there was in Dec 2010 with my daughter and we had no problem. Wherever I stay, whether it be the Flagship or any other hotel, I always check for bedbugs because they do not discrimate and can be in any hotel. Also,I take precautions because they can be sometimes hard to spot. For example, never ever leave your luggage (or anything including shoes on the carpet). Also, I have been told that when y

ou get home put everything in the dryer and spray your luggage with alcohol. So I do that and thankfully no problem.

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I had checked in the the Flagship Resort on Nov 5, 2010. I was attacked by bed bugs during my stay on the upper 20s floor with a nice view of the inlet and ocean. My bites were verified by a dermatologist the very next day after I left the resort. The management told me to send him documentation for a claim. I had send him the documentation and I had called him several times for status and he would not answer my call or return a call. They don't care about their customers and wasted my time s

ending them documentation.

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Checked in on Oct 23, 2010 and checked out a few hours later after I got bit by a bed bug. Security came to the room, took a picture of the bug, and gave me a key to another room a few doors down. Nonetheless, I chose not to stay there and left. Was on the 17th floor.

I stayed at the Flagship hotel once with my boyfriend on the 30 something floor last year. I can't remember exactly what floor at this point but I know it was in the 30's. The room was very beautiful, great view, beautiful terrace, and I loved the double doors to the bathroom. My only complaint is that they have a faulty heating system and we came in the winter. We never had any problems with bed bugs during out stay, but I've only stayed there once. I plan to stay there again in november 20

10 and will come back to this site and make a report if I see anything. Bedbugs are disgusting!

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This summer I reserved a suite at this hotel. My teenage nephew was watching TV and fell asleep on the floor in front of the TV. When he awoke, he was filled with bites on his back, chest, neck and legs. The hotel sent the paramedics in to confirm that they were indeed bites and they did. The housekeeping manager suggested he just bathe and that he would be OK. The hotel refunded our money but was no help to us. Do not stay there. They took NO precautions to even spray the room after we le


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